Breaking the Cycle – Not My Father’s Democrat

By Connie Ross

My father worked in a factory in the Midwest his entire career to provide for his family of seven.

My father believed in personal responsibility, God, and clear-cut law and order. He dearly loved his country, was pro-Second Amendment, pro-life, and for goodness sake do not get him started on the topic of taxes and entitlements.

Every Election Day he proudly went to his polling place with his union card in pocket and voted a straight Democratic ticket. Gosh, I loved that man, but I could never convince him he voted for leaders who did not represent his values.

I do not know why I never bought into his deep-seated belief that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but he did until the day he died. Without question he was steadfast in his politics despite the obvious conflict.

I wonder, with the current radical Democratic agenda, could I break the cycle that repeatedly led him to vote for a false narrative.

How would I get him to listen when he was seemingly hardwired with his blue-collar identity against voting Republican? How should I communicate with someone who is so close-minded that they refuse to engage in a logical conversation?

This is our challenge, not just with Democratic voters of my father’s generation, but with our children who are indoctrinated in school and immersed in liberal biased media.

Let’s start a POSITIVE & PRODUCTIVE conversation on “Breaking the Cycle and Changing Views.”