Senator Rick Scott’s Week in Review December 20, 2019

This week, Senator Rick Scott joined Senators Marco Rubio, David Perdue, Johnny Isakson, Richard Shelby and Doug Jones to pass a resolution honoring the victims of the tragic shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola on December 6th, 2019. Senator Scott also honored the victims in a speech on the Senate floor.

Watch Senator Scott’s speech and read his full remarks as prepared for delivery below.


Today, we come together to honor the courage of our brave men and women in uniform – our heroes – and to remember the victims of the tragic terrorist attack that took place at Naval Air Station Pensacola on the morning of Friday, December 6th.

I’d like to thank my colleagues, Senators Rubio, Perdue, Isakson, Shelby, and Jones for standing with me today as we honor the sacrifice and memory of the 3 victims and their families:

Airman Mohammed Sameh Haitham, known to friends and family as “Mo,” just 19-years-old from St. Petersburg, Florida, a great athlete who loved to make others laugh.

Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson of Enterprise, Alabama, a 23-year-old natural born leader and selfless volunteer who lifted others up. Joshua died a hero after giving first responders information on the shooter’s location while he was mortally wounded.

And Airman Apprentice Cameron Scott Walters of Richmond Hill, Georgia, just 21-years-old with a contagious smile whose dream was to serve his country.

Our sailors and law enforcement officials showed heroism and bravery in the face of evil as they ran towards the shooter that day, saving lives.

And our first responders, who came to the swift aid of those in need: thank you.

Today, the State of Florida stands united around the community of Pensacola and the families of the victims as we pray for healing.

And I join my colleagues as we do everything we can to prevent future terrorist attacks.

Thank you.


Sen. Rick Scott Commemorates 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium and Luxembourg


Over the weekend, Senator Rick Scott joined a bipartisan Senate delegation to Belgium and Luxembourg to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. On Monday, the Senators joined members of the House of Representatives at an official ceremony at the Mardasson Memorial near Bastogne, Belgium to mark the occasion. Senator Scott also joined his colleagues in introducing a resolution honoring the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, which passed the Senate last week.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Seventy-five years ago, American soldiers – including my father – joined our Allies to fight evil and free Europe from the yoke of tyranny. It was an honor to join my colleagues in Belgium and Luxembourg to honor the sacrifices made by so many freedom-loving people in support of this cause. We will never forget their sacrifice, and the United States will always stand up for freedom and democracy.”  Read more HERE.

Senators Rick Scott and Gary Peters Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Protect K-12 School Systems from Cyber-Attacks

Senators Rick Scott and Gary Peters introduced the K-12 Cybersecurity Act of 2019, bipartisan legislation to implement stronger cybersecurity protections for K-12 educational institutions across the country.

Senator Rick Scott said, “The safety of our schools is always my top priority, and that includes protecting the information of our students and teachers. I’m proud to sponsor the K-12 Cybersecurity Act of 2019 to further protect our schools, students and educators, and give them the resources they need to stay safe.” Read more from Senator Peters’ office HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: Military Officers Should Be Allowed to Carry Firearms on U.S. Military Bases

In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola, and calls from Navy pilots to change current policy, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement.

Senator Rick Scott said, “It defies logic that our men and women in uniform, who we train to operate multi-million dollar pieces of military equipment and trust to keep our country safe, are not allowed to carry firearms on U.S. military bases. It’s time for this policy to change. The terrorist attack at NAS Pensacola shows that it’s more important than ever for our men and women in uniform to be in a position to defend themselves. I will work with the leadership of the Armed Services Committees and the Department of Defense to see what needs to be done to change this policy and allow military officers to carry firearms on U.S. military bases.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Releases Letter to the Editor of Chinese-Controlled Global Times

Senator Rick Scott released the following letter to the editor in response to The Global Times’ recent editorial attacking him for defending freedom and democracy in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Senator Scott submitted the letter to the editor of The Global Times, a news outlets under the control of the Communist Party of China, but has so far not heard back. We’re not holding our breath.

Read Senator Scott’s response to “US intimidation in Taiwan Straits scares no one” HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Applauds Final Passage of National Defense Authorization 

Senator Rick Scott applauded the Senate’s final passage of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which includes:

  • Nearly $750 billion in defense spending;
  • A 3.1% pay raise for military members;
  • Senator Scott’s amendment to cut off funds to the Maduro regime;
  • Senator Scott’s amendment to hold China accountable;
  • More than $1.5 billion to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base following Hurricane Michael; and
  • A ban on the purchase or use of foreign-made drones by the Department of Defense.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I’m glad Congress made our men and women in uniform a priority by finally passing the NDAA, which includes nearly $750 billion to fund our military and gives them the resources they need to defend our nation. I fought to include more than $1.5 billion in funding to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base and a pay raise for military members, as well as my proposals to hold China accountable and prohibit the DOD from doing business with anyone that supports the oppressive Maduro regime. I’m incredibly proud these priorities were included in the final NDAA, and I will always do everything I can to support our military and its mission to protect our nation, support our allies and stand up for freedom across the globe.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: Government Misfires in Funding the Arts 

Senator Rick Scott released an episode of his series in partnership with the Heritage Foundation: How Washington Wastes Your Money. See previous Washington Waste Wednesday features HERE.

This week’s episode focuses on what happens when Washington gets involved in the arts – waste and misuse of taxpayer dollars. We all can support research and appreciate the arts, but the federal government spends $300 million a year on arts and humanities, including funding expensive projects that don’t provide any return on investment for taxpayers.

For example, this year’s spending bills include $25 million for the “operation, maintenance and security” of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and a $7.25 million increase in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, the largest increase in a decade. These spending increases might be nice to have, but with $23 trillion in national debt, Congress needs to make some tough choices.

See more in the video HERE or below.


Senator Rick Scott Applauds Moffitt Cancer Center for Taking Decisive Action to End Chinese Influence

Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after the Moffitt Cancer Center announced that several members of its leadership team resigned after connections were discovered with Communist China’s Thousand Talents Program. This investigation was the direct result of a letter Senator Scott sent this month to Florida university presidents urging them to protect national security by safeguarding U.S. research from Communist China.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I applaud Lee Moffitt and the board of directors of Florida’s H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute for their proactive leadership in taking swift and decisive action against these individuals, who had an improper and undisclosed relationship with the Communist Chinese government. According to the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee, the Thousand Talents Program ‘incentivizes individuals engaged in research and development in the United States to transmit the knowledge and research they gain here to China in exchange for salaries, research funding, lab space, and other incentives.’ We should all be very concerned about the threat of Communist China and its attempts to steal U.S. research and intellectual property. We have to remain vigilant and proactive, and I will to continue to work with universities, hospitals and businesses to make sure they are protected.” Read more HERE.

Senator Rick Scott Response to House Impeachment

Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after the House vote on impeachment.

Senator Rick Scott said, “The House Democrats just spent a month confirming that the President did nothing wrong and that this impeachment circus is nothing but partisan politics. This vote solidifies how little the Democrats care about what’s really important to the American people. It’s clear all they care about are political games. This is sad and embarrassing, but I came to Washington to get something done for the American people. I look forward to getting back to working on all the things that aren’t getting done, like passing No Budget, No Pay, securing the border, and lowering drug prices for American families.” Read more HERE.

Senators Rick Scott, Marsha Blackburn and Colleagues Urge Response to National Security Threats Posed by Chinese Drones

Senator Rick Scott joined Senators Marsha Blackburn, Marco Rubio, John Cornyn and Tom Cotton in a letter to Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration leadership asking them to protect national security and stop using drones made in Communist China. Read more, including the full letter, from Senator Rubio’s office HERE.

Senators Rick Scott and Josh Hawley to NBC: Stand Up for Human Rights; Refuse to Air Olympics Hosted in Communist China

Senators Rick Scott and Josh Hawley wrote a letter to the Chief Executive Officer of NBC Universal and the President of NBC Olympics urging them to put human rights over profits by requesting that the International Olympic Committee re-bid the 2022 Olympics, which is being hosted in Communist China, or refuse to air the 2022 games. Read more, including the full letter, HERE.

Senator Rick Scott Joins Colleagues in Urging U.N. to Raise Issue of Communist China’s Human Rights Violations

On the 35th anniversary of the signing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, Senator Rick Scott joined Senators Hawley, Cornyn, Rubio, Tillis, Markey, Cruz, and Young in a letter to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, urging him to raise the issue of Communist China’s violations of human rights and its destruction of its documentary record in his discussions with member states and at the U.N. Human Rights Council and the U.N. Security Council. Read more, including the full letter, from Senator Hawley’s office HERE.


Sen. Rick Scott: Merry Christmas, Here’s How Congress is About to Waste Your Money

Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for National Review about the $1.4 trillion, 2,313 page-long spending package that Congress voted on this week.

In the op-edSenator Rick Scott wrote, “This week, Congress is set to vote on a giant spending package — 2,313 pages long — that was just released, was negotiated in secret, spends $1.4 trillion, and is chock full of member projects and special-interest giveaways.

To put that number in context: Without any opportunity to read the bill, Congress will vote to spend more than $4,200 for every man, woman, and child in America. That’s on top of the $23 trillion in debt we’ve already accumulated, not to mention that the federal government is already running a trillion-dollar deficit, every year.…

And let’s not forget. This bill spends $1.4 trillion, with no cuts or reforms.

This is not how Washington is supposed to work.…

But one simple idea that we can get done right now is No Budget, No Pay. If Congress can’t pass a budget and appropriations bills in a timely and orderly fashion, members of Congress shouldn’t get a paycheck. You don’t get paid if you don’t do your job. Why should Congress?

It’s time to stop the madness. How many more trillions of dollars do we need to spend before we wake up to the danger of our national debt?

We need to reform the way Washington works, and we need to do it now.”

Read the full op-ed in the National Review HERE.

Senator Rick Scott Leads Colleagues in Urging Congressional Leadership to Pass No Budget, No Pay

Senator Rick Scott and Senator Kyrsten Sinema led a bipartisan, bicameral letter to Congressional leadership urging them to pass No Budget, No Pay to prevent members of Congress from getting paid if they don’t pass a budget.

Read more in the Fox Business article, Lawmakers from both parties rally around ‘no budget no pay’ ahead of deadline:

“Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are once again rallying around the idea of ‘no budget, no pay’ before a stopgap spending bill expires on Friday.…

Scott urged his fellow lawmakers to pass “No Budget, No Pay” legislation in a Fox News op-ed written with Republican Sens. Steve Daines, of Montana, and Mike Braun, of Indiana, last week.

“’If Congress can’t do its most basic task, then members of Congress shouldn’t get a paycheck,’ they wrote. ‘Not only is this common sense, it’s moving through Congress with bipartisan support. It was approved by the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee in June, and is included as part of the End Government Shutdowns Act…’”

Read the full article in Fox Business HERE.

Axios: Senators urge NBC to refuse to air 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

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CNBC: My conscience is clear’ — GOP Sen. Rick Scott on opposing Trump impeachment and removal

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The Hill: Senators introduce legislation to protect schools against cyberattacks

North Escambia: Rubio, Scott Joined By Colleagues In Honoring Victims of NAS Pensacola Tragedy

Pensacola News Journal: Sen. Rick Scott calls for military officers to be allowed to carry guns on bases

WEAR: Military officers should be allowed to carry firearms on U.S. military bases: Sen. Scott

WEAR: 3 Investigates: Sen. Rick Scott pushes to arm military officers on bases

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Florida Daily: Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Help Get $738 Billion NDAA Through the Senate

Florida Daily: Rick Scott: Time for a Senate Hearing on How Foreign Nationals Vetted Before Training at Military Bases

Florida Daily: Rick Scott Part of Congressional Delegation Honoring 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge

Education Drive: Senators’ K-12 Cybersecurity Act would mandate national study of school practices

Infosecurity Magazine: US Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Schools Against Cyber-Threats

Security Magazine: New K-12 Cybersecurity Act Mandates DHS Review Schools’ Cybersecurity Policies

Homeland Preparedness News: Republican senators target Chinese drone threats

Florida Daily: Rick Scott Pushes Back at Chinese-Controlled Global Times Over Taiwan, Hong Kong

Florida Daily: Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Slam Impeachment as a Political Stunt

Orlando Sentinel: U.S. Sen. Rick Scott to NBC: Don’t air the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Florida Daily: Rick Scott to NBC: Don’t air 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Florida Daily: Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Raise Concerns to Elaine Chao, FAA About Chinese Drones


Mike Esmond of Gulf Breeze, went above and beyond to help fellow Floridians stay warm this winter by paying the electric bills for 36 local families – thank you for your selfless actions, Mike!

Congratulations to John Sterling and his small business, Pudgee’s, on opening a second location in Brooksville! Read more about Pudgee’s and its success HERE.

CAMACOL hosted its 34th annual Holiday Basket Distribution food drive in Little Havana this week, serving holiday meals to nearly 3,000 families in South Florida. Thanks for all that you do!

This week, more than three dozen children found their forever homes during the 15th annual “Home for the Holidays” event at the Duval County Courthouse in conjunction with Family Support Services of North Florida. Thank you to the volunteers, new parents, and everyone who helped make this event such a success!










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Diaz-Balart: This Impeachment Has No Merit

WASHINGTON, D.C. ­­––Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart released the following statement regarding the passage of H. Res. 755 – Impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

“The United States Constitution grants Congress the power to impeach a president for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’ Before tonight, only two presidents had been impeached by Congress; President Andrew Johnson, for violating the Tenure of Office Act, in 1868, and William J. Clinton, for committing Perjury, in 1998. Both were impeached for clear violations of law. As history illustrates, impeachment is a remarkably divisive tool that should only be utilized in the most extreme cases, and after careful consideration and debate. There should not be any doubt about the ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ that form the basis of an impeachment. As the facts demonstrate in this case, there were no violations of law, and therefore, this impeachment has no merit.”

Congressman Rooney to vote NO on impeachment of the President


Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Francis Rooney will vote against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Congressman Rooney stated, “The impeachment of a President is among the most somber votes that any Member of Congress can take. The process should not be rushed or based on an artificial timeline, nor should it be partisan or incomplete. It should be thorough and convincing. I repeatedly urged the leaders of the process to stay these proceedings until all executive privilege claims and refusals to deliver documents could be adjudicated by the courts, and all relevant primary sources of testimony could be heard under oath, as was the case in both the Clinton and Nixon impeachment hearings.

“Additionally, having asked numerous ex-White House Counsels and well-known government attorneys, there can be no “obstruction of Congress (or of justice)” while the person refusing to comply is relying on a claim of executive privilege. Only after losing in court, and still refusing to comply with a subpoena, would a claimant be obstructing.

“Based on the limited evidence provided to the House of Representatives, the President’s behavior, while inappropriate, was neither criminal, nor does it rise to the level of justifying impeachment.

“It is now time to get back to the business of passing the USMCA, securing our borders, fixing our immigration system, protecting our environment, and working to reduce our unconscionable national debt.”

Diaz-Balart Supports Funding for our Nation’s Priorities

WASHINGTON, D.C. ­­–– Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25), Ranking Member of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Subcommittee, issued the following statement after the passage of FY2020 funding bills, H.R. 1158 and H.R. 1865.

“As former Chairman, and now Ranking Member of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Subcommittee, funding the priorities of the American people has always been the matter of greatest importance to me. The funding bills passed by the House today are big wins for our nation and for Florida. These bills prioritize funding for enhancing our infrastructure, supporting our military and strengthening our national security, and bolstering school safety initiatives. In addition, critical housing programs such as the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Homeless Assistance Grants are prioritized. We have already seen Florida capitalize on the programs these bills fund, and with its passage today our state will continue to benefit from them moving forward.

“I am proud of this legislation, which not only keeps our government running, but also funds critical initiatives that directly and positively impact my constituents. I congratulate Ranking Member Kay Granger and Chairwoman Nita Lowey for their bipartisan, determined work on this legislation. It’s an honor to work alongside them and our colleagues in the Appropriations Committee.”

Congressman Diaz-Balart, a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, was successful in including the following items in the 2020 appropriations minibuses:

  • Continues the investments into our nation’s infrastructure
    • $2.6B for highway grants
    • $1.9B for Capital Investment Grants
    • $1B for the Department of Transportation’s BUILD grant program
    • $910M for investments into our airports and transit systems
    • $225M for seaports, the second year in a row I have been able to secure this funding
  • Provides housing opportunities to our most vulnerable populations
    • $23.87B in public housing vouchers
    • $3.425 for Community Development Block Grants
    • $2.77B for Homeless Assistance Grants
    • $1.35B for the HOME Investment Partnerships Program
    • $1.4B for housing for persons living with HIV/AIDS, the elderly, and persons with disabilities
    • $159M for Neighborworks, helping local communities’ partner with the public and private sector to provide housing
    • $25M for a Mobility Demonstration Program under HUD
  • Ensures the protection of our environment
    • $200M for continued Everglades Restoration
    • $185M in additional funding for Army Corps construction projects, for which environmental restoration projects can compete
    • $29.8M for the National Estuary Program, which the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve will directly benefit from
    • $19M for NOAA’s Harmful Algal Blooms research program
    • $4.8M for the South Florida Geographic Program, which monitors coral health and enhances water quality
  • Bolsters our Defense capabilities and provides for our servicemen and women
    • $693.3B in funding for the Department of Defense
    • $560.5M for SOUTHCOM and counter-narcotics activity
    • Local businesses in FL-25 with proven products are expected to compete for:
      • $10M in Army procurement for the Enhanced Ballistic Armor Protection System
      • $5M increase in Army research for the Advanced Helicopter Seating System
      • $2M increase in Army research for Helicopter Emergency Oil Systems
    • $210M for Light Attack Aircraft, which is built in Florida
    • Provides funding needed to continue to rebuild the military after years of neglect by the Obama Administration
    • Funds a 3.1% military pay raise, continues to restore readiness, and provides our warfighters the housing, health care, and resources they need to defend our country
  • Ensures the safety of our schools
    • $342.3 million through programs administered by the DOJ
      • Of this, $125 million for the STOP School Violence Act grant program which includes a carveout of $50 million for school hardening measures administered by the Community Oriented Policing Services
    • $270.2 million through various grant programs under HHS
    • $105 million for School Safety National Activities through the Department of Education
    • Language allowing Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) and State Homeland Security Grants to be used for school safety
  • Supports democracy abroad and our closest allies, and counters Russian and Chinese aggression
    • $2.4B for democracy programs, including no less than $50M for Cuba and Venezuela
    • Fully funds the U.S.-Israel Memorandum of Understanding by providing $500M for Israeli Cooperative programs, including Iron Dome
    • An additional $3.3B for Israel, for foreign military financing
    • $1.52M for Jordan, for foreign military financing and economic support
    • $520M for Central America, including funds to combat drug trafficking
    • $448.3M for Colombia, including assistance to communities impacted by the refugee crisis
    • $300M for the National Endowment for Democracy
    • $300M for the Countering Chinese Influence Fund
    • $290M for the Countering Russian Influence Fund
  • Provides for our farmers and growers
    • $81M for citrus greening activities and multi-agency coordination efforts
    • $38B in loans for rural housing, rural utilities, and rural businesses
    • $3.6B for rural development programs which assists in building sustainable rural infrastructure
    • $1.2B to support those affected by hurricanes, floods, drought, and other natural disasters
    • $1B for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Research and Education account
  • $41.7B for the National Institute of Health to ensure America continues to lead in basic science research and advance biomedical research
  • $1.5B for Opioid Response Grants
  • $85M for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Infectious Diseases Rapid Response Reserve Fund, an account I have long supported and fought for
  • $500M for the Payment in Lieu of Taxes program, of which Collier county is the largest recipient in the state of Florida
  • $285M for High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas, which includes Miami-Dade and Collier counties
  • $4.9B in net funding for the TSA, allowing the agency to hire 1,090 more checkpoint personnel, 50 additional canine teams, and 320 new CT machines
  • Provides $22.5M for Pell Grants, and increases the maximum award to $5,285
  • Language directing $5M to support the establishment of partnerships between VA hospitals and NCI-designated facilities, such as Moffitt Cancer Center, that allow for Veterans to access cancer clinical trials at VA health centers
  • Language urging the Department of Defense to collaborate with existing research universities with federally designated testing facilities, such as Florida International University, to accelerate investments to asses DOD installation vulnerabilities at home and abroad
  • $312M for the Coast Guard’s revised Offshore Patrol Cutter timeline
  • $2.9M for FEMA grant programs to help states and localities prepare for, mitigate, and respond to disasters
  • $193M for Floodplain Management and Mapping under FEMA
  • Maintains ALL pro-life protections
  • Legislative Priorities I have long supported included in this legislation
    • An extension of the National Flood Insurance Program to September 30, 2020
    • A seven-year authorization of the Export-Import Bank, along with needed reforms
      • Our district is home to the largest number of small businesses utilizing the Ex-Im Bank in the state of Florida
    • The VERDAD Act, which strengthens the U.S. response to Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis
    • The Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act, which deepens the U.S. security and energy relationship with countries such as Israel, Cyprus, and Greece
    • A three-year authorization of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom
    • The European Energy Security and Diversification Act, which authorizes financing to catalyze public and private sector investment in strategically important energy projects as a tool to counter Russia’s predatory energy policies
    • A provision authorizing the Department of State to provide U.S. Government personnel with brain injuries and cognitive issues stemming from health incidents that occurred during their service in Cuba and China with additional benefits
    • The SECURE Act, which expands access to retirement plans for millions of workers and increases retirement security for both savers and employers
    • Amends the Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act to provide American victims of international terrorism with additional legal grounds on which to pursue justice in U.S. courts
    • Repeals the 2.3% excise tax on medical devices, the sales tax on health insurance, and the excise tax on employer-provided health insurance plans
    • Extends Medicaid funding to U.S. territories for Fiscal Year 2020 and 2021
    • Delays the reduction in the allotments for Medicaid disproportionate share hospitals
    • Extends the Community Health Centers Fund and National Health Service Corps Fund
    • Extends the Special Diabetes Program, which supports research on the prevention and cure for Type 1 diabetes, and includes provisions to incentivize more competition in the insulin market

Legislative Update – December 14, 2019

Senator Kathleen Passidomo's Weekly Update

Friday marked the end of our final interim committee meetings in Tallahassee before the 2020 Legislative Session.  This week, bills were presented and Appropriations Subcommittee hearings were held on the Governor’s budget recommendations for the 2020-21 fiscal year.  Senators on the budget subcommittees had the opportunity to review and ask questions of the Governor’s budget staff as we prepare to make decisions on the state budget during session.

Protecting Florida’s Vulnerable Adults From Abuse and Exploitation

In November, I filed Senate Bill 994 to create protections for Florida’s most vulnerable adults against guardians who could abuse and exploit them without proper protection.

Professional guardians are entrusted with an immense responsibility when they are appointed to care for someone else.  Most of the court-appointed guardians in this state are caring, dedicated individuals.

However, there are a few bad actors who have used their position to prey on the vulnerable, resulting in severe consequences on Florida families.

This bill would increase protections for individuals under a guardian’s care by:

·        Eliminating conflicts of interest;

·        Ensuring the vulnerable adults’ finances are protected; and

·        Prohibiting the guardian from signing “do not resuscitate” orders for a ward without permission from the court.

 Specifically, the proposed legislation:

·        Requires a court considering the appointment of a guardian to inquire and evaluate potential conflicts of interest;

·        Prohibits a guardian from consenting to an order not to resuscitate on behalf of a ward without permission from a court;

·        Prohibits a professional guardian from petitioning for her or his own appointment unless the petitioner is a relative; and

·        Increases reporting requirements for guardians.

This legislation was created in collaboration with State Representative Colleen Burton, Secretary Richard Prudom of the Department of Elder Affairs and active participants in the guardian program.  These participants included attorneys, Clerk of Courts, professional and public guardians and advocates for wards under guardianship.

SB 994 includes important changes for Florida’s guardianship program to help restore public trust, improve transparency and prevent the exploitation of those under the care of a guardian.

Governor Promotes Civics Education in Naples 

On Tuesday, Governor DeSantis visited Naples to make an announcement on education.  He detailed his efforts to promote more civics-based curriculum in Florida public schools.

Under the Governor’s plan, all high school seniors would be required to take a civics exam.

Similar to an exam required by naturalized citizens, the test would measure civic literacy of graduating seniors.

A decision has not yet been made on whether this will become a graduation requirement.

You can read more on the Governor’s announcement here:

“Clean Waterways Act” Passes the Senate Community Affairs Committee

Senate Bill 712 by Senator Mayfield is a comprehensive environmental policy bill that addresses numerous environmental preservation efforts.

If passed, this bill would require the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Department of Health (DOH) to submit a report to the Legislature.  This report would detail the impacts of a type two transfer of DOH’s onsite sewage program to DEP.

SB 712 would additionally require local governments with impaired water bodies or springs to adopt, implement and enforce Florida-Friendly Fertilizer Ordinances while also educating and informing residents.

Through this bill, a wastewater grant program would be established within DEP for septic system retrofits, nutrient-reducing septic systems, septic to sewer hookups and advanced waste treatment.

Parental Consent Bill Passes Senate Health Policy Committee

Senate Bill 404 would prohibit a physician from performing an abortion on a minor without proof of consent from the minor’s mother, father or legal guardian.

This requirement would not apply if the procedure is performed during a medical emergency where there would be insufficient time to obtain consent.

Under SB 404, in the event a minor is unable to obtain such consent, the minor would still have the ability to petition the circuit court for an order authorizing the procedure.

The bill would also establish criminal penalties for:

·        A physician who knowingly or recklessly performs this act on a minor without parental consent;

·        Any person who provides consent who is not authorized to do so; and

·        Any person that fails to obtain consent.

Legislation to Benefit First Responders Advances

Two bills aimed at benefiting first responders were unanimously approved in Senate committees.  Senate Bill 476: Law Enforcement Vehicles, by Senator Ed Hooper, passed the Senate Committee on Innovation, Industry, and Technology, chaired by Senator Wilton Simpson.

This legislation ensures law enforcement officers have the ability to park their patrol cars at their homes without fear of penalties or fines from homeowners or condominium associations.

SB 476 targets a problem that arose after a Clearwater police officer was threatened with daily fines by her homeowners’ association for parking her squad car outside of her home.

In the Senate Committee on Community Affairs, chaired by Senator Anitere Flores, Senators voted to approve Senate Bill 484: First Responder Property Tax Exemption, by Senator David Simmons.

This legislation expands the First Responder Property Tax Exemption to include a law enforcement officer or firefighter who, prior to residing in Florida, was employed in another state and sustained a permanent disability while serving in the line of duty.  Currently, the First Responder Property Tax Exemption is only afforded to first responders who sustain a disability in the line of duty while in Florida.

The Florida Senate stands with our first responders and will fight for legislation that ensures our first responders feel welcome in our communities and neighborhoods throughout the Sunshine State.

Infrastructure and Security Committee Proposes Bill to Establish Statewide Resiliency Office

The Infrastructure and Security Senate Committee introduced Senate Proposed Bill (SPB) 7016 this week.

The bill would establish a Statewide Office of Resiliency (SOR) within the Executive Office of the Governor.  The SOR would be headed by a Chief Resilience Officer, a position appointed by the Governor.

SPB 7016 creates a statewide Sea-Level Rise Task Force with the purpose to obtain consensus projections of the anticipated sea-level rise and flooding impacts along the state’s coastline. These projections would be utilized for the purpose of developing future state projects, plans, and programs.

The task force would be required to submit its recommended projections to the Environmental Regulation Commission for adoption or rejection by January 1, 2021.

Legislation to Create Permanent Staging Areas for Emergencies Passes First Senate Committee

SPB 7020: Emergency Staging Areas passed the Senate Committee on Infrastructure and Security, chaired by Senator Tom Lee.

The legislation provides for the plan, design and construction of permanent Staging Areas for Emergencies (SAFE) as part of Florida’s Turnpike System.

SPB 7020 aims to create a reliable and consistent approach to emergency staging and ensure that nothing stands in the way of critical supplies and assistance reaching communities struck by a natural disaster or an emergency situation.

The staging areas created through this legislation would need to be large enough to accommodate:

·        Staging of a significant amount of emergency-related supplies and equipment;

·        Space in support of emergency preparedness and evacuation activities, such as fuel reserve capacity; and

·        Available for use during non-emergency periods for commercial motor vehicle parking.

Bill to Combat Animal Abuse Passes Committee

The Senate Committee on Criminal Justice, chaired by Senator Keith Perry, unanimously approved Senate Bill 522: Cruelty to Dogs, by Senator Joe Gruters.

SB 522 prohibits a person from restraining a dog outside and unattended during a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, and defines this offense as a first degree misdemeanor.

It is reported that a startling number of dog deaths occurred during Hurricanes Irma and Michael.

This legislation intends to ensure dogs are not neglected in times of a natural disaster.

Committee Approves Legislation to Save Florida ABLE Program from Repeal

The Senate Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs unanimously voted to approve Senate Bill 828: Florida ABLE Program, by Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto.

The bill saves Florida ABLE Inc., the direct-support organization that administers the Florida ABLE Program, from repeal.

The Florida ABLE Program was created in 2015 to encourage and assist individuals and families with tax-free savings and investment to support individuals with unique abilities in maintaining health, independence and quality of life.

The program serves more 4,000 Florida families and helps families with children with unique abilities to better prepare for the future.

Committee Approves Bill to “Keep Our Graduates Working”

As student loan debt continues to climb, legislation proposed this session aims to protect workers in the health care industry who are not able to pay student loans. Senate Bill 356: Keep Our Graduates Working Act, by Senator Travis Hutson, prevents a healthcare practitioner or other individual from losing their professional license, certificate, registration, or permit solely on the basis of defaulting on a student loan payment.

The bill does not forgive any student debt or remove the ability to suspend or revoke a health care practitioner’s license for other violations specified in law.

The Keep Our Graduates Working Act passed unanimously in the Senate Committee on Innovation, Industry, and Technology, chaired by Senator Wilton Simpson.

Proposed Health Care Budget Recommendations

On Wednesday, the Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services met for a presentation on the Governor’s Budget recommendations in the health care silo.

The Committee heard presentations from the following agencies:

·        Agency for Health Care Administration;

·        Agency for Persons with Disabilities;

·        Department of Children and Families;

·        Department of Elderly Affairs;

·        Department of Health; and

·        Department of Veteran Affairs.

The Health and Human Services silo represents the largest portion of the total state budget.

The highlights of the healthcare budget recommendations include:

·        $20,427,019 for the implementation of the Canadian Prescription Drug Importation Program;

·        $6,492,378 for guardianship services; and

·        $18,271,959 for the operations of two new state veteran nursing homes.

Proposed Environment and Natural Resource Budget Recommendations

The Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, and General Government met for a presentation to review the Governor’s environmental budget recommendations.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Noah Valenstein presented some details of the Governor’s recommended budget, which totaled over $4 billion dollars.

This includes $625 million in recurring funding for Everglades and Protecting Water Resources and $22.7 million for blue-green algae and red tide research and mitigation.

In addition to the environmental highlights, the Governor’s presentation included $19.8 million to protect and promote Florida’s citrus industry.

Proposed Education Budget Recommendations

The Appropriations Subcommittee on Education met for a presentation on Governor DeSantis’ education budget recommendations.

While health care represents the largest portion of our total state budget, education represents the largest portion of the general revenue budget.

The recommended education budget includes an increase of $1 billion for the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP).

Within this budget increase, there are recommended increases for teacher salaries and mental health and safe school assistance allocations for school districts.

Governor DeSantis Announces 2020 ‘Python Bowl’

Last week, Governor DeSantis announced that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) are teaming up with the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee and the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida to host the “2020 Python Bowl.”

The 2020 Python Bowl begins January 10th.  Those who sign up for training will be eligible to compete to remove as many invasive pythons as possible from the wild.

“The protection of our environment and natural resources is critical,” said Governor DeSantis. “Invasive Burmese pythons have decimated local wildlife and pose a massive threat to natural food chains and flora and fauna.  The 2020 Python Bowl is sure to be a great success, and I look forward to the positive effects it will have on preserving and protecting the Everglades ecosystem.”

You can read more and sign up to participate here:

First Lady Casey DeSantis and Attorney General Ashely Moody Launch “The Facts. Your Future.” Campaign to Prevent Substance Abuse

Last week, First Lady Casey DeSantis announced a new, multi-faceted initiative titled “The Facts. Your Future.” to increase youth awareness of the toxic effects of substance abuse.

The First Lady was joined by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, Florida Surgeon General Scott Rivkees, Florida Department of Children and Families Secretary Chad Poppell and local law enforcement in announcing this effort.

“The Facts. Your Future.” campaign is part of First Lady DeSantis’ Hope for Healing Florida initiative that will incorporate school assemblies focused on substance abuse prevention.

“Too many children are losing sight of their dreams and goals – and even losing their lives – because of drug abuse and addiction,” said First Lady DeSantis. “It is imperative that students get the facts about drug abuse and how it can infiltrate and compromise every aspect of their lives.”

Welcome to the Florida Senate

I had an opportunity this week to speak to members of the Associated Industries of Florida at their Pre-Session Briefing about water quality and our state’s legal climate.

Fort Myers Councilwoman Teresa Watkins Brown, Estero Mayor Bill Ribble and Bonita Springs City Councilman Fred Forbes honored me with a visit to my office this week. They traveled to Tallahassee to advocate on behalf of the Southwest Florida League of Cities.

Thankful to spend time with James Winegar from Hope Club House in Lee County and members of the Statewide Florida Clubhouse Coalition.  Florida Clubhouses provide a long-term solution and support of people with mental illness.

I was glad to sit down with constituents from Collier County and the Florida Federation of Fairs.

A Look Ahead

Legislators will be back in Tallahassee in January when the Legislative Session convenes on January 14 and continues for sixty days through Friday, March 13. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office any time that I can be of assistance.

Kathleen C. Passidomo

Senate Majority Leader
State Senator, District 28

Naples Office:

3299 East Tamiami Trail
Suite 203
Naples, FL 34112

LaBelle Office:

25 East Hickpochee Avenue
Room J-126
LaBelle, FL 33935

Tallahassee Office:

330 Senate Office Building
Tallahassee, FL 32339

Having Fun Door Hanging

“Every Voter Counts” according to Mary, a volunteer who went from hanging door hangers on targeted Hispanic voters’ residences in low income housing off Goodlette to hanging on doors of multi million dollar homes in Park Shore.

Interactions that volunteers had with voters during the Hispanic door hanging drive were very positive. There were no (verify with Nanette) reported negative experiences. In fact, many volunteers reported receiving encouragement from Hispanics with whom they had interaction.

Volunteers were inspired by the message “Hispanic Values Are Republican Values”. Such inspiration helped fuel the volunteers to spend hours of time delivering the targeted message to the important Hispanic voter segment.

Terry Capsay was particularly inspired by an interaction she had with a young Hispanic woman who was waiting on table of Republicans at a Patriots for Trump event. The waitress, a mother of Mexican heritage, told the group that she had recently received a door hanger with an invitation to the Three Kings Day Festival. The mother shared how she had been celebrating holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas with her kids but was particularly excited because the invitation prompted her to discuss, for the first time, the meaning of the Three Kings Day Festival.

We are profusely grateful to the Volunteer Army that contributed their time and energy to the first messaging drive of many to occur during this 2020 election cycle. We need more volunteers and welcome more dedicated Republicans to join our Volunteer Army.

Join the Fun in the next phase of winning the election.

Fill out my online form.

Bipartisan Farm Workforce Modernization Act Passes the House of Representatives

WASHINGTON, D.C. ­­–– Today, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, a bipartisan bill spearheaded by Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL-25), Zoe Lofgren (D-CA-19), Dan Newhouse (R-WA-04) and bipartisan members, passed the U.S. House of Representatives.

The bipartisan effort was negotiated over eight months with input from agricultural stakeholders and labor organizations and was introduced with the support of 26 Democrats and 23 Republicans.

“Today, the House took a significant and necessary step for the American agriculture industry and our farmers who have long-needed a legal, reliable workforce,” said Rep. Diaz-Balart. “It’s critical that we continue to grow and produce our food here in the United States. The moment we hand that power to another country, we put our national security at risk, along with millions of American jobs. This legislation would allow us to have the necessary workforce to continue to provide for our citizens, while giving permanence to our agricultural workers who have devoted their lives to the industry. I am proud to be an original sponsor of this bill, and I thank my colleagues who have worked tirelessly on this issue. I encourage the Senate to work with us so this bill can be signed into law– It’s time to modernize our agriculture industry and reinforce our economy.”

“The men and women who work America’s farms feed the nation. But, farmworkers across the country are living and working with uncertainty and fear, contributing to the destabilization of farms across the nation,” said Rep. Zoe Lofgren. “Our bill offers stability for American farms by providing a path to legal status for farmworkers. In addition, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act addresses the nation’s future labor needs by modernizing an outdated system for temporary workers, while ensuring fair wages and workplace conditions. I urge the Senate to follow the House’s lead and swiftly pass the first-of-its-kind bipartisan immigration compromise in decades that improves America’s agricultural labor programs and laws.”

“Creating a legal and reliable workforce for American agriculture has been one of my highest priorities since coming to Congress,” said Rep. Dan Newhouse. “Our farmers and ranchers facing a labor crisis need relief, and the men and women who contribute to our nation’s agriculture industry need certainty. The Farm Workforce Modernization Act is the first step. This bill is our opportunity to finally provide stability to America’s farms and a significant improvement over the status quo. I am grateful to Representative Lofgren, our bipartisan coalition, and all of the agriculture and labor groups who helped draft the bill, and I encourage input from my colleagues as we continue working to improve this legislation in the Senate.”

“I am thrilled to see the Farm Workforce Modernization Act pass the House with a strong bipartisan vote,” said Rep. Mike Simpson. “Idaho farmers and ranchers have been asking me for years to address their labor needs and this bill takes an important step towards solving this issue. I would like to thank my colleagues Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren, and Representatives Dan Newhouse, Mario Diaz-Balart, Doug LaMalfa, and Jimmy Panetta for their months of tireless efforts spent listening to farmers and workers alike to help craft this solution. It isn’t a perfect solution but compromise rarely is. The bill balances strong immigration enforcement with common sense reforms that allow our farmers to access a legal workforce without granting any special pathways. I hope the Senate can move similar legislation so we can sign a solution into law.”

“I’m happy to see a good commonsense bi-partisan bill pass the House that is fair to farmers, farmworkers, and to U.S. citizens.  In California, and across the U.S., farmers have been calling for a reliable and legally documented workforce for years. The Farm Workforce Modernization Act addresses these issues in a constructive manner that provides much-needed certainty for workers and farmers,” said Rep. Doug LaMalfa. “Today’s strong vote in the House should help ensure the Senate will continue the effort we started. “

“The Farm Workforce Modernization Act is a critical, bipartisan step forward for both our farmers and farmworkers,” Rep. Jimmy Panetta said. “I am thankful that the House advanced this effort to protect our existing farmworkers and promote an enduring workforce for agriculture. I look forward to working with our colleagues in the Senate to get this bill passed into law.”

The bill has garnered the wide-spread support of more than 300 agriculture groups and labor organizations.

The full list of cosponsors includes: Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV-02); Rep. James Baird (R-IN- 04); Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA-37); Rep. Anthony Brindisi(D-NY-22); Rep. Susan W. Brooks (R-IN-05); Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA-24); Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-CA-29); Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA-27); Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK-04); Rep. Luis J. Correa (D-CA-46); Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA-16); Rep. TJ Cox (D-CA-21); Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN-02); Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO-6); Rep. Henry Cuellar  (D-TX-28); Rep. John Curtis  (R-UT-03); Rep. David Scott (D-GA-13); Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL-13); Rep. Antonio Delgado (D-NY-19); Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL-25); Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX-16); Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA-1); Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH-11); Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA-3); Rep. Sylvia Garcia  (D-TX-29); Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH-07); Rep. Josh Harder (D-CA-10); Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI-3); Rep. Peter King (R-NY-2); Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA-01); Rep. Al Lawson (D-FL-05); Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA-05); Rep. Paul Mitchell  (R-MI-10); Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY-10); Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA-04); Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA-22); Rep. Tom O’Halleran (D-AZ-1); Rep. Jimmy Panetta  (D-CA-20); Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA-52); Rep. Collin C. Peterson (D-MN-07); Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME-1); Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY-23); Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-CA-36); Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA-38); Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR-05); Rep. Kim Schrier (D-WA-08) ; Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID-02); Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI-08); Rep. Lloyd Smucker (R-PA-11); Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA-07); Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA-19); Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY-21); Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT-2); Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH-15); Rep. Thomas Suozzi (D-NY-3); Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA-5); Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO-3); Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA-35); Rep. Xochitl Torres Small (D-NM-02); Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI-06); Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX-34); Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR-02); and Rep. Don Young  (R-AK- At Large).

Senator Rick Scott’s Week in Review December 6, 2019

Following the shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, Senator Rick Scott visited the Naval Air Station to receive a briefing from local and federal law enforcement and military leaders and thank volunteers from the American Red Cross. Senator Rick Scott also stopped by Baptist Hospital to visit victims and their families.


Senator Rick Scott released the following statement:

Senator Rick Scott said, “I’m extremely concerned by the reports that this shooter was a foreign national training on a U.S. military base in Florida. Whether this individual was motivated by radical Islam or was simply mentally unstable, this was an act of terrorism. It’s clear that we need to take steps to ensure that any and all foreign nationals are scrutinized and vetted extensively before being embedded with our American men and women in uniform.

“I’m calling for a full review of the U.S. military programs to train foreign nationals on American soil. There is no reason we should be providing state-of-the-art military training to people who wish us harm. And most importantly, there is no reason to risk the safety and security of our American men and women in uniform. If not for the bravery displayed by the military personnel on the ground and local law enforcement, this tragedy could have been much worse. We must be vigilant against those who wish our country and our people harm.” 

Also this week, Senator Scott cosponsored:

See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.


Sen. Rick Scott: The Green New Deal is Best Example of Washington’s Waste

This week, Senator Rick Scott released an episode of his series in partnership with the Heritage Foundation: How Washington Wastes Your Money. See previous Washington Waste Wednesday features HERE.

This week’s episode covers the Green New Deal, a socialist Democrat proposal that would cost as much as $93 trillion and destroy the nation’s economy. What socialist Democrats fail to understand is that you don’t have to choose between caring about the environment or growing the economy – you can do BOTH. Throughout his time as Governor of Florida, Senator Scott made record investments in the environment, which he was able to do because of Florida’s booming economy. See more in the video HERE or below.


Sen. Rick Scott: UN Cooperation with Communist China is Dangerous

Senator Rick Scott made the below statement following reports that the United Nations’ standards for facial recognition, video monitoring, and city and vehicle surveillance are being shaped by Chinese tech groups.

Senator Rick Scott said, “By putting Nicolas Maduro on its human rights council, the UN proved that it has no respect for human rights. Now, the UN is highlighting its complete disregard for privacy and national security by allowing Communist China to control facial recognition standards. Communist China, which is now partnering with Russia in its quest for global dominance, is stealing our personal information and intellectual property to use against us. The UN’s willingness to hand over control of setting privacy standards to Communist China is yet another example of why the United States needs to reconsider our financial support.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: International Olympics Committee’s Cowardly Failure to Stand up for Human Rights

Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after receiving a response from the International Olympic Committee to a letter he sent in October. In the letter, Senator Scott called on the International Olympic Committee to stand for freedom and urge Communist China to stop violating human rights, or find a new home for the 2022 Olympic Games.

Senator Rick Scott said, “The response I received from the International Olympic Committee is shameful and embarrassing for an organization that prides itself on ‘uniting the world in peaceful competition.’ Are they naïve enough to think Communist China wants to unite the world? Secretary of the Communist Party Xi is violating human rights and stealing intellectual property and technology from the United States in an effort to dominate the world – the opposite of unity. The Committee claims to be politically neutral, but the fight for human rights transcends politics. It’s sad they cannot see this.

“On top of that, the Committee provided no information on how they will prevent Communist China from stealing personal information and data of athletes and leaders from around the world who come to the Olympics. This kind of cowardice is shameful and disappointing, and the world needs to speak out against every organization that refuses to defend freedom and human rights.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott to Florida Universities: Protect National Security by Safeguarding U.S. Research from Communist China

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to Florida university presidents requesting information on the steps they have taken to safeguard technology and intellectual property from the influence of foreign adversaries, including Communist China. Read more, including the full letter, HERE.


Sen. Rick Scott: Communist China Has Created the New Cold War  
Watch the full interview HERE or below.


WEAR: Sen. Rick Scott visits Naval Air Station Pensacola

Politico: Defense secretary orders review of security and vetting procedures following Pensacola shooting

Bloomberg: Sen. Rick Scott Doesn’t See U.S.-China Trade Deal Happening

Gray TV: Livid lawmakers confront high-ranking military officials over poor housing conditions for service members

WFLA: Military leaders grilled by Senators over housing issues at MacDill, other bases

The Epoch Times: US Senator Says IOC Fails to Stand Up for Human Rights Over 2022 Beijing Olympics

Real Clear Politics: Sen. Rick Scott: There Is Not Going To Be A Deal With China

Florida Politics: Rick Scott declares new cold war with China, turns up the heat

Florida Daily: Rick Scott Rips International Olympics Committee for Letting China Host 2022 Winter Games

Federal News Network: Senators bring concerns with TSP’s planned I fund expansion directly to Trump

Campus Reform: Sen. Rick Scott demands answers from Florida universities on Chinese influence



Come Visit Us at Mobile Office Hours! 

The staff of Senator Rick Scott will be holding Mobile Office Hours to assist Floridians with federal services, including help with federal agencies and veterans’ resources. See a full list of federal services HERE. The Mobile Office Hours will be:

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 
11:00AM – 1:00PM
West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce
132 Treemonte Dr.
Orange City, FL 32763


Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 
11:00AM – 1:00PM

West County Senior Center
2916 State Road #15
Belle Glade, FL 33430

Congratulations to Army veteran James Bross from Putnam County who received a free roof through KayCo Roofing’s “Shingles for Heroes” program this week. Thank you for your service, James!












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Keeping Collier County Great – State Committeewoman Jan Face Glassman

Jan Face Glassman State Committeewoman

Keeping Collier County Great helps us Keep America Great. When Republicans win Collier County, we help Republicans win Florida. We all agree that we need to re-elect President Trump in November, which means we must turn out the greatest Republican vote possible. Our 2020 Campaign Team has developed a strong strategy for turning out even more voters who share our Republican values.

We need everyone to help now on the first important step in Florida for President Trump’s re-election. The 2020 Presidential Preference Primary will be held on March 17, 2020. We want President Trump to win this Primary with a huge number of votes from his home state of Florida. Collier County Republicans want to show their strong support for our President’s re-election.

While it would be easy to be complacent and stay home because ‘we know he will be our nominee’, getting out the Primary vote will show the Democrats that we are fully united behind our candidate. They will still have many candidates on the ballot for the Florida 2020 Presidential Preference Primary and will continue to demonstrate their lack of a strong candidate.

The Presidential Preference Primary in Florida is a closed primary. In order to vote, a voter must be registered in one of the political parties. Each of you can help now by encouraging new residents to register as Republicans. You can also encourage those who are already registered with ‘No Party Affiliation’, aka NPA’s, to change their affiliation to Republican. Those who have moved here from other states may not understand our voting rules. It is up to us to explain our process and to get them out to vote in March. We don’t want anyone to be turned away at the polls and not be able to vote. We have the best Supervisor of Elections, Jennifer Edwards. Voters can find answers to most of their questions on the website

Waiting in line to see President Trump at the 2019 Governors Statesman’s Dinner in Miami Left to right; Russell Tuff, Alan Glassman, Jan Face-Glassman, Chris Crowley and Dan Tucker

February 18, 2020 is the deadline to register to vote or change party affiliation for the Presidential Preference Primary. New voters can register:

Some individuals who register at the same time that they get their Florida drivers license are not comfortable declaring their party affiliation in a public space. For those who have already registered as NPA’s, it is simple for them to change their affiliation online at or at the Supervisor of Elections office.

Voters have the following options to vote in the Presidential Preference Primary: