Diaz-Balart: H.R.4 Grotesquely Disguised as the Voting Rights Act

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) issued the following statement regarding today’s passage of H.R. 4, the “Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019.”

“In 2006, I proudly voted for the permanent extension of the original Voting Rights Act, which already prohibits voter discrimination on the basis of race or sex, and allows federal judges to take the necessary measures against jurisdictions who violate this law. The bill brought forth by Democratic Leadership today is not a reauthorization, as it’s already law. Instead, it’s the federal takeover of local elections. This highly partisan legislation, grotesquely disguised as the Voting Rights Act, would give federal bureaucrats control over state and local elections. Once again, Democratic Leadership is focused on phony bills instead of reaching across the aisle to obtain real solutions for the American people.”

Joseph Albergo is New Collier County Field Organizer for Trump Victory Campaign

Joseph Albergo
Collier County Field Organizer
Trump Victory Campaign

Hello Collier County

My love of politics started in June 2015 when then candidate Trump announced his campaign for president at Trump Tower. Candidate Trump’s ideas and policies really resonated with me and
millions of other Americans. President Trump made me realize the importance of politics in our everyday life. He also made politics more real and understandable for the average American. In
my opinion he made running for political office exciting.

I recently relocated to Naples, FL with my family in July of 2019. I have been serving as the Chief Communications Officer for the America Winning Coalition based in New Jersey since August of

I have also worked in various campaigns as a volunteer and a campaign strategist while I lived in New Jersey. Traveling during campaigns was always the most enjoyable part of the job for me. By doing so I have had the pleasure to immerse myself into different cultures and backgrounds while sharing in our support of President Trump.

My team at America Winning Coalition worked tirelessly to secure and partner with a Republican Indian American organization in New Jersey to educate legal immigrants on what the Republican Party stands for.

I have discovered that educating the public on the facts has the greatest impact to gain support for President Trump.

When arriving in Collier County in July, I wasted no time getting involved in politics in Collier. While here I still managed a mayoral and council campaign in New Jersey up until the November
2019 election. I also began assisting Missi Lastra with her efforts with the Trump Victory Campaign.

It is my pleasure to serve Collier County as the Field Director for The Trump Victory Campaign.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for opportunities within the campaign.


Missi Lastra, Regional Field Director said “Joe has hit the ground running already as both a volunteer and now as RPOF staff. His enthusiasm for President Trump and the re-election efforts combined with his innovative ideas, communication and technical skills is an incredible addition for the Regional campaign and Collier County.”

Need a Good Hug? – You Might Get Hugged Delivering Door Hangers

During the door hanging process we do not knock on doors, but we often encounter voters working in their garages and in their yards.

We hand them our message and we often get enthusiastic responses like “It is about time that the Republican Party is reaching out” and yes, we do get hugs.

Volunteers are encouraged to interact with homeowners during these chance meetings.

No political discussions needed. Let the door hanger deliver the message. No questions; no surveys. This makes the experience enjoyable. We need help – Sign Up Below.


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FACTS: What To Know About the Democrats’ Latest Impeachment ‘Witnesses’

Despite their sinking poll numbers, Democrats are forging ahead with their impeachment sham with a Jerry-rigged House Judiciary Committee hearing, starring three liberal professors who have donated big money to Democrats and fantasized about impeaching President Trump for years.

Pamela Karlan is a ‘strident’ and ‘unapologetic’ liberal professor with a clear anti-Trump bias.

  • Karlan, a registered Democrat since 1998, served in the Obama administration and has been described as a “politically liberal law professor,” “stridently liberal,” and an “unapologetic liberal.” 
  • Karlan has donated $1,000 to Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign this year, and donated $2,000 to Hillary Clinton.
  • Karlan indicated support for impeachment over two years ago.

Noah Feldman is an anti-Trump left-wing professor and registered Democrat who proposed impeaching President Trump for a variety of perceived offenses.

  • In March 2017, Feldman wrote that a tweet from President Trump may have been an impeachable offense.
  • In April 2017, Feldman wrote that President Trump’s criticism of the media is grounds for impeachment. 
  • In September 2017, Feldman actively spread the Russia collusion hoax and cited “more and more evidence of collusion.” 
  • In January 2018, Feldman wrote that President Trump should be impeached for declaring a crisis at the southern border.

Michael Gerhardt is a registered Democrat and liberal professor who donates to Democrats and said Trump shouldn’t “get away” with avoiding impeachment.

  • In March 2019, Gerhardt argued Trump should be impeached. 
  • Gerhardt donated $1,245 to Barack Obama and has donated to other Democrat candidates.
  • Gerhardt said in May 2019 that “not fit to be President” could be a “permissible basis for impeachment.”

With witnesses like these, the Democrats’ impeachment hearing will be nothing more than political theater. It’s all part of their transparent attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and stop President Trump in 2020.

Impeachment Resolution Passed at CCREC Meeting

Carol Manning

Carol Manning, Chair of the Government and  Oversight Committee presented a resolution on impeachment that passed by a unanimous vote.

The title is:

Resolution in Support of President Trump Demanding House of Representatives Provide Fundamental Constitutional Protections in their Impeachment Investigation

The document can be downloaded by clicking here



Campaign Committee Applauded at Progress in Election Campaign in Update to CCREC

Nanette Rivera, Co-Chair of the Campaign Committee updates the CCREC on the 2020 Campaign

Editor’s note – Since this was published, the first phase of the Hispanic Outreach has been competed, and over 400 people attending the Three Kings Celebration

Campaign Committee Co-Chair Nanette Rivera was greeted by a warm round of applause as she gave the Committee’s update on their progress for the 2020 Election Cycle.

Here are a few bullet points on her updates.

  • The Hispanic Messaging drive is still underway; we are now getting organized for the January 5th 3-Kings Day Festival
  • The volunteers have been at it for 7 weeks now; 10,550 door hangers have been placed; 84% of all Hispanic voter households in Collier County have been touched
  • On November 17th we had a successful pizza party for the volunteers who delivered the message and invitation to the 3 Kings Day event
  • As of today, 317 people will be attending the 3-Kings Day event and the RSVP’s are still arriving
  • Collier County elected officials will be available to meet our guests and deliver the message that “Hispanic Values are Republican Values”
  • There will be music, dancing, food, games, and 3 Kings; There will be a voting booth so that the children can elect their favorite King: Melchor, Gaspar, or Baltazar
  • Thanks to the over 60 volunteers who have helped to make this key event possible

The next steps are to capture more volunteers to target No Party Affiliates.

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