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RPOF National Committeeman

Here is the post you have all been waiting for. No longer can it be said that I am looking at the pandemic without compassion.
My wife and I have lived it and have recovered (thank God)…

But now that i have recovered I have had the opportunity to look at trends over the past 5 weeks. Basically from the time the surge started until today.
The numbers are set forth below.

6/8/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
64,000 10,942 17% of total 2,700 4% of total

6/24/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
114,018 13,775 12% ” ” 3,327 2.9% ” ”

7/01/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
169,106 15,150 8.9% ” ” 3,718 2.2% ” ”

7/05/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
200,111 15,895 7.9% ” ” 3,841 1.9% ” ”

7/13/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
282,435 18,498 6.5% ” ” 4,277 1.5% ” ”


Look at the % trends. All downward, not upward.
Is there a spike in cases? Duh
But hospitalizations are down as a % of the overall, as are deaths.
Plus, we are given no statistics on people who have recovered (uh, like my wife and me) and no statistics on children.
Europe intends to send their children to school in the fall–I would like to see some reporting on that.
Nope, only that the sky is falling and since Trump is the president, it must be his fault.
Pray for truth.
The truth will set you free.
Peter Feaman

Poll Watchers Needed for General Election

This is a reminder that the RPOF needs your help to sign up REPUBLICAN VOLUNTEER POLL WATCHERS for 2020.

A Separate Form Must Be Submitted for Both Early Voting and Election Day for the Primary and General Election.

A poll watcher:

  1.  Must be a qualified and registered voter of the county in which they serve as poll watcher.
  2. Cannot be a candidate, sheriff, deputy sheriff, policeman, or other law enforcement officer.
  3. Who is designated for a specific location is not precluded from going to another polling room/EV area if the number of poll watchers at any particular polling room/EV area does not exceed the allowable number for the applicable candidate/political party/political committee.
  4. Who is designated for “All locations/areas” (at-large) is not permitted to be present in a polling room/EV area at the same time as another poll watcher designated by the same candidate/political party/political committee.
  5. Will be provided a Poll Watcher Identification Badge by the Supervisor of Elections. The poll watcher must wear his or her Poll Watcher Identification Badge while in the polling room or EV area.
  6. Must bring his or her own materials and necessities.
  7. Is allowed within the polling room to observe the conduct of the election. He or she may not obstruct the orderly conduct of the election.
  8. May observe the voter check-in process. He or she may not come closer to the inspectors’ table or the voting booths than is reasonably necessary to perform the poll watcher’s functions.
  9. May not speak to or otherwise interact with voters nor provide assistance to a voter in any way with the voting of his/her ballot, unless a Request for Assistance Form is completed at the voter’s request.
  10. May make and provide written voter challenges to the precinct clerk.
  11. Shall pose any questions regarding polling place procedures directly to the precinct clerk for resolution.

To Sign Up – Click Here

Day Managers Named for Office Headquarters – Grateful for their help

We are blessed to have our Collier County Headquarters fully staffed with volunteers. Peter Fowler is the office manager and has recruited the following day managers: Yvonne Parry, Pat Wagner, Sue Trescott, Diane Shapiro, Mary Doveas-Pitzi, Pat Dorian, Gary Tincu, Jo Ann Grey, Diane Donovan, Kathy Headson, Anne Brown, John Thomas, Diane Pulito, Gerard Fischer and Carol Manning.

We couldn’t operate without their help.

Join the fun by calling headquarters at 239-732-0885


Trump Victory Team Update

I hope you are well.  I want to update you on a few things.

We just finished National Weekend of Action. We called 15,000 voters, knocked 1600 doors, registered 36 voters at four different events and at doors, and activated 41 volunteers throughout the weekend. We also trained 20 new volunteers at four TVLI’s.

All in all, it was a great effort

All offices are open and functioning, with our newest satellite office in North Cape Coral. Thank you for all your help in that area. We grand opened Cape Coral on 6/27. Fort Myers is scheduled for 7/11. Naples grand opening date is pending but I am confident it will be GRAND!

Staffing Update:

Collier County

Joe Albergo, Hired 12/1/2019, assigned to Collier

*We have 2 New Hires in que that would be amazing if we get them. Real heavy hitters. I am hoping they are 7/15 hires.

Once these hires happen Collier will be divided into 3 Field Organizer Turfs.

Lee County

Cindy Holliday, Hired 2/1/2020, assigned to Cape Coral

Bryan Reber, Hired 2/1/2020, assigned to most of Fort Myers plus Estero/Bonita

Kelly Latham, Hired 6/1/2020, assigned to Cape Coral

Sue Noe, Hired 6/15/2020, assigned to NFM/FM Shores/Alva/Buckingham/Lehigh

I am hoping our teams are complete by 7/15.

Of course our main push is to build the volunteer Army in double time! We only have 119 days left

Sign Up To Help

Fill out my online form.

Campaign Chair July Update

Mike Lyster
Chairman Campaign Committee

Like everything else, in this world, the campaign activities committee has been impacted by the virus. However, we continue to move forward and plan on utilizing the primary election as a test of some of our planned general election activities.

We’ve consolidated a number of volunteer lists, compared them to current voter registrations and thereby have acquired over 600 volunteers with up to date information. We will begin contacting those that are not listed on our most recent lists to engage them for the general election activities.

We plan on meeting this week as a committee to review our plan and processes, assign some responsibilities and move forward toward Victory in November.

We have much work to do:

  • Get our message out – Web site, Facebook, Twitter, individual emails, Letters to the Editor, phone calls
  • Voter Guide Distribution – all of the above plus door hangers, polling location distribution, person to person contact
  • Voters Voting assurance – VBM monitoring, Early Voting Monitoring, Election Day monitoring
  • Poll Watchers – we won’t utilize in the primary but will recruit and train for the General Election. This will require training and close monitoring of voting activities at
    specific locations.

June Job Report – Best Ever – Women’s One Month Gain in History and more

The June jobs report is proof the Great American Comeback is underway.

June’s 4.8 MILLION job addition was the largest one-month job gain in U.S. history, shattering last month’s record. The past two months, 7.5 MILLION jobs have been added.

The June Jobs report smashed a whole host of other records too:

• The largest one-month women’s job gain in history (+2.8 MILLION)
• The largest one-month decline in unemployed workers (-3.2 MILLION)
• The largest one-month drop in the unemployment rate (-2.2%)

And the great news continues:

• 356,000 manufacturing jobs added in June
• 158,000 construction jobs added in June

This rising economic tide is lifting all boats. 404,000 jobs were added for black Americans in June and 1.47 million jobs were added for Hispanic Americans.

Despite objectively good news for millions of Americans, CNN refused to air President Trump’s press conference, preferring to talk about the Mueller Report. Seriously.

Why does CNN not want the American people to know that the Great American Comeback is underway?

Bottom Line: This V-shaped comeback is further evidence that Joe Biden’s agenda of raising taxes and enacting more regulations with his far-left Green New Deal would put the brakes on our country’s recovering economy while destroying millions of American jobs along the way.