National Week of Action

Joseph Albergo
Collier County Field Director
Trump Victory Campaign

We are about to enter a two months stage of voting that will determine the future of our great American Republic.

The choice isn’t really about which political party will have power, but about which kind of America we want to live in. One marked by rioting, looting and general moral chaos, socialism and religious oppression, loss of constitutional freedoms or one based on the freedom and principles our Founders made clear of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It is time to engage.

Help us this week in a National Week of Action with a joint operation of the Trump Victory Team with a Downtown Walk of Naples on Saturday August 29th..

First, it will be a lot of fun to join with others to take over Naples. Second it will give us data on who we need to target as we expand the effort to other communities locally and nationwide. Third, it will help capture more people to help in the re-election of Donald Trump for President and stop the loss of freedom and opportunity being proposed by the opposing party.


Meet Up: group will meet at 8am on Naples Beach on August 29th. (29 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102).
Driver & Walker Groups: at 8:30am group will be split appropriately with experienced volunteers.

Fill out my online form.

Grand Opening

I Trust You

Jan Face Glassman Collier County Republican State Committeewoman

Three very simple but extremely powerful words. Trust does not just happen; it must be earned. It is not based on one point in time or one interaction. It is earned through living a life of consistently ‘doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

Trust is at the core of every long term relationship whether in business, with family, with friends, and in politics.

Violating trust undermines the very essence of a relationship and often is irreparable.

For me personally, trust is the critical factor in every relationship that I have built during my career in Information Technology; in my volunteer efforts in the community, with Bates College, and with the Republican Party; and most importantly with my friends and family. As Republicans, trust is essential to win elections.


Each election cycle, I have people say ‘I know I can trust you’ and then ask me about various candidates, frequently, about the negative, character-destroying ads.

As State Committeewoman, I remain neutral in Primaries, but I always try to answer these questions professionally and honestly, without indicating personal bias. For me, it is critical that all our Republican candidates be seen in a positive light.

We must unify behind the winner after Primaries to win the General election. Negative attacks make unification much more difficult and sometimes impossible. The Republican value of personal responsibility means taking responsibility for our actions. Religion, military record, race, ethnicity, and disability are sacred. It is up to each candidate to stand up and be responsible.

This primary cycle has been so destructive that Commissioner Donna Fiala published an article on ‘Mudslinging’ in the Coastal Breeze. It is appalling to see the level to which ‘Republicans’ have stooped to intentionally destroy reputations that have taken candidates years to build. Worse, candidates’ children and grandchildren are exposed to this hateful trash.

At Church on Sunday, we tell them ‘to love thy neighbor,’ and then let them see ‘supposed’ Republicans destroy those same neighbors and their families the rest of the week.

Is this really the Republican example that we want to set for our next generations of voters? Do any of these destructive voices think about who sees these flyers and the unintended consequences?

If we had a stronger Democrat presence in Collier County, we would lose CD19 and County Commission seats in November because the Democrats would use ‘our Republican’ attacks against our Primary winners.

We will lose votes for President Trump in November because candidates have inappropriately used his name in their negative attacks on opponents calling them ‘never-Trumpers’ and have built their own false image of having the President’s support for their own campaigns. The Democrats will have a heyday using our self-inflicted, internal primary scandals against us.


Some of the most blatant accusations fault candidates for having supported John McCain and Mitt Romney. John McCain was our Republican Presidential nominee in 2008; Mitt Romney was our Republican Presidential nominee in 2012. Real Republicans stand behind our nominee in the General Election.

Does this mean that those criticizing their opponents’ support of these Presidential Nominees did not support John McCain or Mitt Romney? That is pretty darned hypocritical! Then they turn on the flip side to accuse their opponent of being ‘never-Trumpers’.

I do not know one candidate who does not support our President for re-election and who did not support him as our Republican Presidential nominee in 2016. These are just two simple examples of twisting the facts to create Fake News and creating mistrust of Republicans.

It is not only those who are creating the negative attacks and false rumors who are guilty of undermining our Republican Party. Anyone who forwards this trash or who quotes it as fact is equally guilty. I would argue that they are even more guilty because they enable those who thrive on negativity.

Each of us has the ability to stop this disgusting trend by condemning those who create it and by not participating in forwarding or discussing it.


Candidates have a responsibility to present their background truthfully. They should be applauded for being honest, not faulted for telling the truth about their background. When we elect candidates who lie about their own background or rely on attacks against their opponents, we enable them to continue this behavior as elected-officials and create a distrust of the entire Republican Party.

When I managed an IT organization, I had a young staffer who was struggling as a programmer trainee. I worked with her to help her complete the class with a passing grade and become part of our team. After 6 months, HR instructed me to fire her because she had lied on her resume about graduating from college; she was short several courses. She came to me in tears because she had let me down when I believed in her. I advised her to be honest in looking for her next job and said I could only verify her employment dates if asked. A few years later she called to thank me for believing in her and my willingness to help her even after she had lied and lost my trust.


As you vote, think about whom you can trust. If you cannot trust a candidate whom you are supporting, how can you expect anyone else to?

Experience and accomplishments are important. Compare what the candidates have done with their lives. What they accomplished in the past that will help them serve? How they have conducted themselves in the past and during this campaign is a good indication of future performance.

Will they represent you and our community, or is this just about themselves? Accomplishments demonstrate clearly how a candidate has built a life, developed relationships, managed finances, and raised a family.

Who would hire anyone for a job who has no resume and lacks the expertise required for the job? Who would hire anyone with unexplained gaps in their timeline?

It is your right as a voter to ask a candidate and to be told the truth!