A Blessed and Thankful Election Cycle

Russell Tuff
Collier County Republican Executive Committee

Collier County Republicans, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We are a nation blessed by God, and we see that swing of freedom happening across the country with an effort to recapture the American spirit. We might not have won the presidency outright, but we scored big nationwide.

As Chairman, I am extremely thankful for the great effort put forth by so many people. The official ballot counts are in, and Collier County had the highest Republican voter turnout in the state of Florida at 93.5%. We were given a shout out on national television, so we think it was also the highest turnout in the country for counties with a population over 200,000. We are still confirming that bragging point.

Second, in addition, we had hoped to capture an additional 20,000 Republican votes, and we got 24,383 more than the 2016 general election. Total margin over Democrat votes was 60,952. That is a 15% greater margin over the 2016 general election.

We had other great feats accomplished by our volunteers. We put our voter guide in the hands of thousands, via direct mail, door knocks, emails, and IP targeting. We followed up with phone calls to make sure Republicans voted with our guide.

We had over 100 certified poll watchers to ensure voting was proper, hundreds of phone callers and poll greeters to hand out voter guides. We launched an aggressive outreach to our Hispanic friends, and they showed up big.

We had a great year for fundraising to administer the finest multi-media campaign ever accomplished in Collier County. With many thanks to you and your help, it paid off.
Nationwide, we took ten House of Representative seats away from Democrats and held our own in the Senate. In the Florida legislature, we captured four House seats and one Senate seat. We need to hold firm the next two years, and we can take the rest in time and get back to ensuring America remains the greatest country on earth.

It’s Time to Stop the 4-Letter Capitalized Words

Jan Face Glassman
Collier County State Committtewoman

This will be my last report as your State Committeewoman in our Collier County Republican Executive Committee newsletter. It has been a privilege to serve all Republicans in Collier County as your State Committeewoman and to serve with a great CCREC Board that has worked as a team focused on Collier County. I remain committed to growing our Republican ranks with the next generations of conservative voters and to increasing the number of conservative women running for office, being awarded appointments, and taking leadership roles in the Republican party on campaigns. Most importantly, I remain committed to keeping Collier County the best place to be a Republican. Please feel free to continue to reach out to me anytime if I can be of assistance.

As we look ahead, we need to elect leaders who understand the importance of working as a team and who treat everyone with respect and dignity. Too many in our ranks have lost sight of the importance of civility in the future of our county and our country. With COVID touching everyone with sickness, job loss, and anxiety, simple actions have an even greater positive – or negative impact. Our parents attempted to instill in us lessons to help us develop positive relationships in our lives. We were all told ‘don’t scream’ and ‘don’t use 4 letters words.’ Moving past 2020, we must heed the importance of these lessons for the Republican Party to succeed here in Collier County, in Florida, and across the country.

During the recent campaign, many candidates, including myself, were attacked as ‘RINO’s.’ Even my name, Face, was capitalized and questioned. In the 1740’s, my great-great-great grandfather moved here from Germany where he had been persecuted as a Lutheran minister. He changed his name from German to the English ‘Face’ to sever his ties to Germany. Using RINO and FACE to smear my reputation signifies a much deeper problem at our core. When we choose to degrade individuals using 4-letter capitalized words, we send a clear message that we don’t want them. It is pure hypocrisy to then expect them to vote for our Republican candidates.

The Democrats love to see us ‘eat our own’ with primary ads calling our candidates RINO’s. What is a RINO? I always believed a RINO was someone who was registered as a Democrat and changed their registration to Republican to win in a conservative district. Over time, it grew to include Republican officials who vote ‘like’ Democrats. It has now become a convenient word to use in a derogatory manner to attack any Republican whom the attacker does not like or does not agree with 100%. A ‘digital blog’ deemed me a RINO with a photo of two rhinoceroses. Yet, I have been a registered Republican for 50 years; actively supported Republican candidates; and always backed our Republican nominees in the General Election. These types of senseless attacks on candidates and elected officials drive away voters, volunteers, and donors. Use of the term RINO screams of Republican fracture at a time when we must unify. If we want to keep on winning, we need to think seriously about the eliminating the term RINO from our vocabulary permanently.

To win in 2022 and 2024, we must return to being civil and inclusive. We are at a turning point when, as Republicans, we need to do some serious soul-searching and think carefully about those whom we have driven away in the excitement of winning. We need their support and their votes. In this time of COVID, it is the small acts of kindness that can make a huge difference that voters will remember. Each of us has a choice when we hear the term RINO used to degrade elected Republican officials, Republican candidates, or any Republican. We must speak up to stop the message that ‘we don’t want you’ by stopping the bullying within our ranks using ‘name calling’ with RINO and other 4-letter capitalized words. We know grassroots person-to-person contact works. I urge you to join me to become a part of a Republican grassroots effort to stop the name calling and to welcome those who agree with us at least 80% as Republicans.

Update – How to Help Get Georgia Senators Elected

Georgia Deployment – Point of Contact:

  • Organization: Republican Party of Georgia
  • Name: Bailee Hill
  • Email: bailee@gagop.org
  • Position: GA Deployment Director
  • Role: Bailee oversees all out-of-state assistance/volunteers. This includes both (a) Volunteers who want to head to Georgia to volunteer AND (b) Volunteers who want to make calls from home into Georgia.

Signing Up To Help:

  • Bailee has requested that anyone wanting to help us win in Georgia should use the form located at: GAFightClub.com . Once a submission is made, Bailee will reach out and get the volunteer plugged in. This will prevent a large number of people emailing her randomly, help streamline the process and lead to a quicker response.
  • Feel free to send the volunteer link to your REC, Club, Volunteer List and anyone else who wants to help us win in Georgia by making calls from home or knocking on doors.

Upcoming FloridaGOP Deployments To Georgia:

Note: EVERYONE is invited to EVERY Deployment listed below. Please share this information with your REC, GOP Clubs, Volunteers, Etc.

Click here to RSVP for one of the Deployments listed below – https://forms.gle/yzzQfrZbUW7yytAA7

1) Florida-GA Quarterly Walk

Following the FloridaGOP Quarterly Meeting in Tallahassee, FloridaGOP Chairman Joe Gruters and FloridaGOP Vice Chairman Christian Ziegler will be hosting a walk in the Thomasville, GA area (40 mins from Tallahassee). 

Any/all are welcome to join before they head back home. You will use your own transportation to Thomasville, so that you may head home after the walk (or back to Tallahassee).

  • Date: Saturday, December 5th
  • Time: Noon to 3pm
  • Location: Thomasville, GA
  • Context: This will be an OPTIONAL event at the conclusion of the FloridaGOP Quarterly Meeting being held in Tallahassee on December 5th. Details will be emailed to all who signed up at: GAFightClub.com

2) FloridaGOP Invades GA Weekend [BIG PUSH]

This weekend will be the big push for the FloridaGOP. Savannah has been selected because it’s the highest populated area near the FL-GA Border. 

  • Date: Saturday, December 12 & Sunday, December 13
  • Location: Savannah, GA
  • Additional Info:
    • We will be meeting on Saturday morning (Dec 12) to pass out walkbooks. The GAGOP will have staff there to help us setup and get walking!
    • The Saturday morning meeting location and a list of recommended hotels in the area will be sent at a later date. Make sure to sign up at: GAFightClub.com to be sent more information about this Deployment.

3) FloridaGOP 72hr GOTV Push

For those who are eager to help and able to make it to Atlanta, the FloridaGOP will be heading to the Peach State to help the GAGOP with their 72hr GOTV Push.

  • Dates:
    • Sunday, Jan 3rd
    • Monday, Jan 4th
    • Tuesday, Jan 5th (Election Day)
  • Location: Atlanta-area Suburbs
  • Additional Info will be sent out to those who sign up at GAFightClub.com when it is available.

How to Donate to the Senate Races in Georgia

I am writing you to ask you to help spreading the word on the two critical U.S. Senate races in Georgia.  As you know, holding the Senate has been a major personal focus of mine during the 2020 election cycle in addition to winning the entire ticket top to bottom.  I wanted to ensure that President Trump had the Senate support in his 2nd term.  Now it is even more crucial that we have the Senate if Joe Biden ends up being the President!   It is so important that every dollar contributed goes directly to the candidates.

As you also know, I am part of Maggie’s List,  http://maggieslist.org.  Maggie’s List is a federal PAC that has a strong 10 year track record of endorsing and funding conservative women running for U.S. House and Senate.  It is named after Margaret Chase Smith, the first woman to be elected to the U.S. House and Senate in her own right and to have her name placed in nomination for President.  Funds can be donated directly to each candidate via Maggie’s List.  The funds donated go 100% to the candidate, unlike many fundraising efforts where a % is taken out for expenses, etc.   In addition, the amount donated to all candidates is added to the total funds raised by Maggie’s List, which is used to compare to the Democrats funds raised by Emily’s List. We want to show the Democrats a great level of support in these races!

Maggie’s List has strong support from both male and female members of Congress, who donate and are Congressional partners.  These partners demonstrate their strong support for conservative women through these partnerships.  Maggie’s List advertises for both male and female Congressional partners and will be advertising for both Georgia Senate races.  Senators Rubio and Scott are both partners as is Senator Perdue.

 May I suggest that you donate the funds for Kelly Loeffler directly to Maggie’s List.  You can either donate online at:  https://secure.donationreport.com/donate.html?key=1JBE6NIOR8AC

By check written to Maggie’s List with ‘Kelly for Senate’ in the memo line and mailing the check to:

Maggie’s List

6675 Weeping Willow Way

Tallahassee, FL 32311

 For David Perdue, I would suggest writing the check to ‘David Perdue for U.S. Senate’ and mailing it to:

%Susan Voyles

6750 River Springs Court

Sandy Springs, GA 30328-2016

 Suzi is our Maggie’s List Georgia Chair.  She is actively involved and sees the finance chairs for both campaigns daily.  She has helped me get other donations to the Perdue and Loeffler campaigns during this election cycle and gives the personal attention that we want. 

 For all checks, please make sure to include the donor’s name and address as well as occupation. There is a maximum donation of $2700 per donor per candidate or $5400 for a couple.  Donations to Maggie’s List can be up to an additional $5000.

Finally, an additional option to help Sen. Perdue and Sen. Loeffler donate directly to Maggie’s List, which will use these funds for advertising for both Georgia races. Go Maggie’s List at:  maggieslist.org or mail a to Maggie’s List

6675 Weeping Willow Way

Tallahassee, FL 32311


From Jan Face Glassman

Collier County State Committeewoman

Help Georgia Elect Republican Senators.

Sign up to help us win the 2 U.S. Senate Seats in Georgia during the January 5th Special Election

As the vote counting continues across the country and President Trump takes his case to the courts, we must turn some of our focus towards the 2 U.S. Senate Special Elections taking place in Georgia on January 5th, that will decide which Party controls the U.S. Senate. Collier County is hoping to organize a group to assist. We are capturing volunteers to upload to the efforts (expecting action early to mid-December)

Why this Special Election is incredibly important:

If President Trump is able to pull out a victory – which I pray that he will – we will need a Republican controlled Senate to:

  1. Stop Pelosi’s radical agenda
  2. Continue the confirmation of Conservative Judges
  3. Be ready to fill the Breyer’s SCOTUS seat

If The Left and The Media are able to pull out a Harris-Biden victory, than a Republican Senate will serve as our ultimate insurance policy by blocking the radical agenda items such as:

  • Defunding of the Police
  • Packing the Courts, and
  • Other big government, pro-socialist agenda items that the Harris-Biden Administration will put forth.

Click Here to Donate

Sign Up Below to Help

Fill out my online form.


Our campaign expects that President Trump will have won re-election by Friday:

  • We won a major legal victory in Pennsylvania.
    • We had previously been denied access to count rooms in Philadelphia – now we are able to closely watch the ballot counting process.
    • In a corrupt Democrat city like this, it is highly important that our observers review ballot counting.
    • Big Democrat cities are trying to steal votes from President Trump.
    • We will continue to fight to ensure that every legal vote is counted.
  • We have high confidence in our ability to win Pennsylvania:
    • There are votes to be counted in both Philadelphia and pro-Trump counties.
    • There are not enough Democrat ballots left to deliver Pennsylvania for Joe Biden.
  • Our data show that we are on track to win Arizona:
    • The race has narrowed considerably from yesterday, with more ballots for President Trump on the way.
    • Voting method is a large indicator of support for President Trump, even in blue counties.
      • Many of these ballots are called “late early votes,” or Election Day drop-offs – the President’s voters had absentee ballots but wanted to deliver them by hand.
    • The mainstream media is coming around to the argument that President Trump is on track to win Arizona. Fox News and the AP should withdraw their call of Arizona for Joe Biden.
  • We expect legal news from the state of Nevada to come out later today.
    • The margin in Nevada is only 8,000 votes – and we are highly concerned about voter fraud.
    • We will go through every ballot in Nevada to ensure that they were all legally cast.
  • We are leading in North Carolina and Georgia and are on track to win both states.
  • President Trump promised that Democrats would try to lie, cheat, and steal, and he is right.
    • Our legal team is fighting to ensure the integrity of our elections.
    • In Pennsylvania, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar is blatantly anti-Republican. She cannot execute elections in an unbiased manner.
    • Our team has received calls from across America reporting fraud and abuse by Democrats.
  • President Trump’s tweet this morning represents a fight to ensure that every legal vote is counted and every illegal ballot is discarded.
    • States and localities should not count ballots that magically appear following Election Day.


Trump Campaign scores major election integrity victory in Philadelphia: