A Blessed and Thankful Election Cycle

Russell Tuff
Collier County Republican Executive Committee

Collier County Republicans, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We are a nation blessed by God, and we see that swing of freedom happening across the country with an effort to recapture the American spirit. We might not have won the presidency outright, but we scored big nationwide.

As Chairman, I am extremely thankful for the great effort put forth by so many people. The official ballot counts are in, and Collier County had the highest Republican voter turnout in the state of Florida at 93.5%. We were given a shout out on national television, so we think it was also the highest turnout in the country for counties with a population over 200,000. We are still confirming that bragging point.

Second, in addition, we had hoped to capture an additional 20,000 Republican votes, and we got 24,383 more than the 2016 general election. Total margin over Democrat votes was 60,952. That is a 15% greater margin over the 2016 general election.

We had other great feats accomplished by our volunteers. We put our voter guide in the hands of thousands, via direct mail, door knocks, emails, and IP targeting. We followed up with phone calls to make sure Republicans voted with our guide.

We had over 100 certified poll watchers to ensure voting was proper, hundreds of phone callers and poll greeters to hand out voter guides. We launched an aggressive outreach to our Hispanic friends, and they showed up big.

We had a great year for fundraising to administer the finest multi-media campaign ever accomplished in Collier County. With many thanks to you and your help, it paid off.
Nationwide, we took ten House of Representative seats away from Democrats and held our own in the Senate. In the Florida legislature, we captured four House seats and one Senate seat. We need to hold firm the next two years, and we can take the rest in time and get back to ensuring America remains the greatest country on earth.

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