Amazing Accomplishments & Recognition for Trump Victory SWFL

Missi Lastra Regional Director Trump Victory Team

Happy Holy Week

I want to take this time to thank the entire team for your commitment to WINNING for President Trump on November 3rd in his re-election campaign. And we are winning! I will repeat that we broke any previous single day record prior to October in any election campaign for phone calls made at 1.5 million phone calls.

That was a National campaign achievement. At home in our SWFL Region (Collier/Lee) we surpassed our phone banking goal this week at 32,210 calls made. Also, Cindy Holliday was recognized by our State Director for producing the most phone calls as a Field Organizer in the Gulf Coast Region and I was recognized as having the highest connection rate.

What does all this mean? It means we are engaging with voters for President Trump on a mass level, the only way we can at the current time. None of this would be possible without YOU! The only way Donald J Trump will be re-elected is by the efforts our volunteer Army puts forward. Thank you for your continued effort.

In honor of Good Friday, Passover and Easter, we will not be making phone calls 4/10-4/12, but will come back strong on Monday, 4/13. If you know of new volunteers that need training please plug them into one of the three upcoming virtual events at And have them ‘like’ our Facebook page at

We appreciate and love every volunteer in our Trump Victory family. Every phone call made is important. Every voter engaged is priceless. At this time I would like to recognize those that dedicated many hours over the past two weeks for the cause, as well as our contest winners.

Week 3/27-4/2

1. Susan Selby – Cape Coral – 2017 calls! *Contest Winner
2. Nancy Purcell – Cape Coral – 1173 calls! *Contest Winner

A strong week for these folks as well.
1. Georgette Serenko – 791 calls!
2. Kelly Latham – 604 calls!
3. Aaliyah Smith – 506 calls!
4. Steve Larkin – 500 calls!

Week 4/2 – 4/9

1. Kyle Johanesson – Naples – 4,790 calls! *Contest Winner
2. Susan Selby – Cape Coral – 4,781 calls! *Contest Winner

A strong week and an extra Thank You for these folks as well.

1. Nancy Purcell – 3,053 calls!
2. Sue Noe – 1,740 calls!
3. Georgette Serenko – 1,130 calls!
4. Holly Tramutola – 505 calls!
5. Zack Martin – 477 calls!
6. Jane Boaz – 421 calls!
7. Marianne Dixon – 318 calls!

THANK YOU********THANK YOU********THANK YOU********

To everyone that participated. The folks listed above dedicated at least three hours, and some many, many more, toward the voter engagement efforts for the Trump Victory campaign. All our folks listed above will receive a Trump/Pence yard sign and bumper sticker. The top two from each week will choose an item from our Trump swag (hats, visors, shirts, mugs, bracelets/bands).

Be well. Be safe. And have a blessed and happy Holy Weekend.

May God bless each of you and your families.

Yours in Victory,
Missi Lastra
Regional Field Director
RPOF/Trump Victory

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  1. Barry Zaval
    Barry Zaval says:

    Congratulations Missi! Thank you for all your help and all that you do with the campaign – the steadfast unrelenting support of the Trump Victory Campaign, engagement in turning out the # results such as this! President Trump 2020!! God Bless!

    And thank you to everyone else for all that you’re doing! Your passion, volunteering and ongoing continued engagement in ensuring a Trump 2nd Term 2020 Presidential Victory!


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