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ART of PERSUASION in the CLIMATE of 2020

ART of PERSUASION in the CLIMATE of 2020 By Diane Harris Here are points I used… and at the end is a part of how I implemented some of it. Choosing the words we use wisely. Some can trigger a negative response. Emphasizing Your Passion while not discounting theirs. Letting them know you Love them… […]

People of faith will help re-elect Trump, Pence

Our president and his administration have done more for people of faith in three years than any other president in our lifetimes. In a prior guest column on Feb. 27, 2017, I wrote that “People of faith finally have a friend again in the White House. Persecution will end. Religious liberty will be protected again.” […]

Bob Rommel reflects on ‘Reagan’ and the fight against socialism in new ad

From the Capitalist – See Story and Video – Click Here State Representative Bob Rommel released his first campaign ad of the general election cycle, reflecting on President Ronald Reagan‘s leadership and accomplishments, as well as the fight to end socialism. The 30-second spot, titled “Reagan,” shows the Naples Republican discussing his admiration for the former president as […]

Resolutions for Constitutional Amendments Passed for 2020 General Election Ballot

On Monday night, September 14th, the Collier County Republican Executive Committee passed the following recommendations for the amendments on the 2020 General Ballot. Download Copy Here Collier County Republican Executive Committee Resolution                                       2020 Constitutional Amendments Whereas, It is vital that all Republicans be fully informed and educated regarding their proposed amendments to Florida’s Constitution […]

National Week of Action

We are about to enter a two months stage of voting that will determine the future of our great American Republic. The choice isn’t really about which political party will have power, but about which kind of America we want to live in. One marked by rioting, looting and general moral chaos, socialism and religious […]