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FACTS: What To Know About the Democrats’ Latest Impeachment ‘Witnesses’

Despite their sinking poll numbers, Democrats are forging ahead with their impeachment sham with a Jerry-rigged House Judiciary Committee hearing, starring three liberal professors who have donated big money to Democrats and fantasized about impeaching President Trump for years. Pamela Karlan is a ‘strident’ and ‘unapologetic’ liberal professor with a clear anti-Trump bias. Karlan, a […]

Impeachment Resolution Passed at CCREC Meeting

Carol Manning, Chair of the Government and  Oversight Committee presented a resolution on impeachment that passed by a unanimous vote. The title is: Resolution in Support of President Trump Demanding House of Representatives Provide Fundamental Constitutional Protections in their Impeachment Investigation The document can be downloaded by clicking here    

How to Impeach a President

Provided by the Republican Party of Florida The following information came from POLITICO article published 10/3/2019  Impeachment always starts in the House. The sitting speaker of the House must give her approval for impeachment proceedings. House committees investigate and write articles of impeachment. If the Judiciary Committee approves any articles of impeachment, the full House […]

Trump Administration Accomplishments

Economy President Trump’s policies have put the American economy into high gear. • Since President Trump was elected over 6.9 million jobs have been created. o This is 4.8 million more jobs than what the Congressional Budget Office projected prior to the 2016 election. o Since the President was elected, 2.1 million prime-age workers have […]

Campaign Fundraising Team Kicks Off With A Bang

Fundraising Chairman John Dugan shared the progress for the month for beginning advertising sales for the 2020 Victory Guide that will be created for the Lincoln Reagan Dinner on February 15, 2020. The guide will have updates on the status of the Republican party in Collier, goals and stories on the Republican Executive Committees goals […]

Larry Ray, Collier County Tax Collector Addresses CCREC

Guest Presentation: Larry H. Ray, the Collier County Tax Collector, gave an informative and interesting presentation on the responsibilities of and services provided by the Collier County Tax Collector. The tax roll for Collier County for this year is over $1,100,000,000, which is slightly higher than last year. Last year his office collected all the […]

Hispanic Outreach Update

Campaign Co-Chair Nanette Rivera updated the membership on the Hispanic Outreach program underway to the Collier County Republican Executive committee on November 4, 2019. The highlighted points included the following: The Hispanic messaging drive has been launched – the message is “Hispanic Values are Republican Values” This message is being delivered to ALL 12,765 Hispanic […]