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We’re Flattening the Curve

Message From RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters Thanks to the hard work and efforts of Floridians like you across our state, data shows we are flattening the curve! The media reported we would be like Italy and New York, but today, we are not. We have more work to do, but Governor DeSantis is encouraged by […]

MESSAGE OF THE DAY | President Trump Has Led an Unprecedented Effort to Ramp Up Testing

Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States has quickly ramped up testing to an unprecedented scale. REVOLUTIONIZING THE TESTING SYSTEM President Trump has led a historic effort to revolutionize the testing system in the U.S. and confront this challenge. The Administration has cut red tape and authorized new, innovative testing solutions that have enabled us […]

Politics – It’s Local – State Committee Woman Jan Face Glassman

Collier County Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen are the visible boots-on-the-ground leadership of the Republican Party. Voters and other residents in our precincts frequently stop us to ask us questions about candidates, issues, bills before Congress, and about what is happening locally We are also extremely fortunate to live in a Republican County where people stop […]

Trump and the Corona Virus

President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force are leading an unprecedented, comprehensive, and aggressive whole of America approach to slow the spread of the virus. This response started in January. Recent actions taken: The President is extending the White House and CDC guidelines to slow the spread until April 30. We have conducted over […]

What You Need To Know | President Trump’s Coronavirus Response Efforts

President Trump and his Administration are working every day to protect the health and wellbeing of Americans and respond to the coronavirus. WHOLE-OF-GOVERNMENT APPROACH The President signed the CARES Act, providing unprecedented and immediate relief to American families, workers, and businesses. President Trump declared a national emergency, inviting States, territories, and tribes to access over […]

Campaign Chair March Report

The campaign committee has suspended their ground program to comply with President Trump’s directions and direction from the RPOF Trump Victory Team. The good news, is we are continuing in the digital world and with phone banking. This is an area where the Trump/Republican technical and data sources are far superior to the Democrat party. […]

Chairman’s Message March 2020

As a community and as the Republican Party, we have listened to and are following the directions given to us by our President Donald J. Trump to not hold our gatherings with more than 10 people and remain 6 ft apart if gathering. It is a time to remember and keep in touch with our […]