Our campaign expects that President Trump will have won re-election by Friday:

  • We won a major legal victory in Pennsylvania.
    • We had previously been denied access to count rooms in Philadelphia – now we are able to closely watch the ballot counting process.
    • In a corrupt Democrat city like this, it is highly important that our observers review ballot counting.
    • Big Democrat cities are trying to steal votes from President Trump.
    • We will continue to fight to ensure that every legal vote is counted.
  • We have high confidence in our ability to win Pennsylvania:
    • There are votes to be counted in both Philadelphia and pro-Trump counties.
    • There are not enough Democrat ballots left to deliver Pennsylvania for Joe Biden.
  • Our data show that we are on track to win Arizona:
    • The race has narrowed considerably from yesterday, with more ballots for President Trump on the way.
    • Voting method is a large indicator of support for President Trump, even in blue counties.
      • Many of these ballots are called “late early votes,” or Election Day drop-offs – the President’s voters had absentee ballots but wanted to deliver them by hand.
    • The mainstream media is coming around to the argument that President Trump is on track to win Arizona. Fox News and the AP should withdraw their call of Arizona for Joe Biden.
  • We expect legal news from the state of Nevada to come out later today.
    • The margin in Nevada is only 8,000 votes – and we are highly concerned about voter fraud.
    • We will go through every ballot in Nevada to ensure that they were all legally cast.
  • We are leading in North Carolina and Georgia and are on track to win both states.
  • President Trump promised that Democrats would try to lie, cheat, and steal, and he is right.
    • Our legal team is fighting to ensure the integrity of our elections.
    • In Pennsylvania, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar is blatantly anti-Republican. She cannot execute elections in an unbiased manner.
    • Our team has received calls from across America reporting fraud and abuse by Democrats.
  • President Trump’s tweet this morning represents a fight to ensure that every legal vote is counted and every illegal ballot is discarded.
    • States and localities should not count ballots that magically appear following Election Day.


Trump Campaign scores major election integrity victory in Philadelphia:

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