Campaign Chair July Update

Mike Lyster
Chairman Campaign Committee

Like everything else, in this world, the campaign activities committee has been impacted by the virus. However, we continue to move forward and plan on utilizing the primary election as a test of some of our planned general election activities.

We’ve consolidated a number of volunteer lists, compared them to current voter registrations and thereby have acquired over 600 volunteers with up to date information. We will begin contacting those that are not listed on our most recent lists to engage them for the general election activities.

We plan on meeting this week as a committee to review our plan and processes, assign some responsibilities and move forward toward Victory in November.

We have much work to do:

  • Get our message out – Web site, Facebook, Twitter, individual emails, Letters to the Editor, phone calls
  • Voter Guide Distribution – all of the above plus door hangers, polling location distribution, person to person contact
  • Voters Voting assurance – VBM monitoring, Early Voting Monitoring, Election Day monitoring
  • Poll Watchers – we won’t utilize in the primary but will recruit and train for the General Election. This will require training and close monitoring of voting activities at
    specific locations.
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