Campaign Committee Applauded at Progress in Election Campaign in Update to CCREC

Nanette Rivera, Co-Chair of the Campaign Committee updates the CCREC on the 2020 Campaign

Editor’s note – Since this was published, the first phase of the Hispanic Outreach has been competed, and over 400 people attending the Three Kings Celebration

Campaign Committee Co-Chair Nanette Rivera was greeted by a warm round of applause as she gave the Committee’s update on their progress for the 2020 Election Cycle.

Here are a few bullet points on her updates.

  • The Hispanic Messaging drive is still underway; we are now getting organized for the January 5th 3-Kings Day Festival
  • The volunteers have been at it for 7 weeks now; 10,550 door hangers have been placed; 84% of all Hispanic voter households in Collier County have been touched
  • On November 17th we had a successful pizza party for the volunteers who delivered the message and invitation to the 3 Kings Day event
  • As of today, 317 people will be attending the 3-Kings Day event and the RSVP’s are still arriving
  • Collier County elected officials will be available to meet our guests and deliver the message that “Hispanic Values are Republican Values”
  • There will be music, dancing, food, games, and 3 Kings; There will be a voting booth so that the children can elect their favorite King: Melchor, Gaspar, or Baltazar
  • Thanks to the over 60 volunteers who have helped to make this key event possible

The next steps are to capture more volunteers to target No Party Affiliates.

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