Campaign Fundraising Team Kicks Off With A Bang

Terry Capsay (left) tells her story with John Dugan

Fundraising Chairman John Dugan shared the progress for the month for beginning advertising sales for the 2020 Victory Guide that will be created for the Lincoln Reagan Dinner on February 15, 2020.

The guide will have updates on the status of the Republican party in Collier, goals and stories on the Republican Executive Committees goals and programs.

This project is the first project to be undertaken by the fundraising committee to raise the necessary funds to ensure Trump and fellow Republicans are elected in the 2020 election cycle.

John Thomas tells his sales strategy with John Dugan cheering him on.

Committee members Terry Capsay and John Thomas gave stories of the willingness of the business community to participate in the effort and share methods they used the past month to make the sales process easier for all members.

To join the team or to place an ad, contact John Dugan and the team at

Click Here to Download the Lincoln Reagan Program Form


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