Russell Tuff
Collier County Republican Chairman

Sweat, trainings, new Republican clubs created, voter data extractions…whew, it’s been a busy month for the Republican Party of Collier County.

We’re using innovations on the internet, traditional personal gatherings, and volunteers to create an impact on the community by sharing our values and visions.

How can you help? We need to tell our personal stories of why we support Republican values. What impacted your life that made you a believer and promoter Republican values. We want to tell those stories locally.

Do you have a story that made you an enthusiast? Those key values include respect for the constitution, respect for life, limited government and personal responsibility. What’s your story?

Personal stories aren’t trashed by trolls on social media and can be the key to unlocking new minds that demonstrate the values you hold and why. These are the things that will attract others on a personal level. We’ll write the story, you provide the facts. Click her to let us tell your story.

This past month Trump Training classes were conducted, Social Media trainings, a new National Hispanic Republican Club was launched, an Ave Maria Republican Club is being formed. A variety of door hangers are being tested in different communities to see their impact.

Click Here to sign up for Trump Training.

A Three Kings Celebration is being planned to unite the Hispanic community with their faith in emphasizing Republican values and Hispanic values.

Coming up, we want to start a Faith Engagement group. An agenda and plans of action are being created. Can you help?

We need letter writers. Can you help?

We need help to deliver door hangers in groups of two with a driver and a hanger. Am innovate app will mark who has been targeted in the various demographic groups, oups, from Hispanic to other lifestyle segments. See the Walk Away door hanger. Sign Up or Learn More by Clicking Here.

Republicans had over a 90% voter turnout the last election in Collier County. That won’t be enough to ensure our president remains in office. We need to capture 20,000 new republican voters this election cycle. Volunteer here as if your life of freedom depends on it, because it does.

From Left: Connie Ross, Mary Waller and Adele Amico

Our goal is to raise $200,000. Donations will fund the following projected expenses:

  • $3,000 – monthly office space rental
  • $5,000 – office and miscellaneous supplies
  • $20,000 – each primary mailing
  • $40,000 – each general election mailing
  • $50,000 – planned electronic targeting by demographics

The Democrats see an opportunity and without your help, they can seize the presidency. I hope you can help. Feel free to call me to discuss options. You will find a “Donate” on nearly every page of our website at