Diaz-Balart: It’s Time to Propose Tangible Solutions

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) issued the following statement following the passage of H.R.6, the “American Dream and Promise Act of 2019.”

“I have continuously voted for efforts that show support for DREAMers and TPS recipients, and I voted for H.R. 6, the “American Dream and Promise Act.” However, it is unfortunate that Democratic leadership has once again failed to work with Republicans to obtain real solutions by proposing a bill that is unlikely to pass the Senate and become law. I have consistently worked with House Democrats and Republicans to help DREAMers, but unfortunately, these efforts have not been reciprocated by Democratic leadership. It is time to propose tangible solutions. I remain open and willing to work with my colleagues across the aisle to address the ongoing uncertainty that our DREAMers face.”

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