Great Support for Trump and Republican Ticket – Working Together as a Team

Jan Face Glassman Colliere County State Committeewoman

Saturday was a great day for Collier County! If there was ever any doubt that Collier County is Trump County #1, there never will be again! The Boat Parade from Naples to Marco Island demonstrated the unity of ALL Republicans and the strong support of Unaffiliated voters and many Democrats. There can be no question that our President has the support of a very diverse group of people. Some may not fully agree with the President on every single issue or decision, but they understand the 80/20 rule and are with him all the way to his 2nd Term!

All these people are a critical part of our team to re-elect the President, take back the U.S. House and hold the U.S. Senate. Collier County is a community that grows exponentially in the winter months with tourists and those who maintain seasonal homes. When they leave after Easter, we continue to maintain contact with them through our newsletters. They are ambassadors for Collier County, spreading the word on how great it is to live in a truly Republican community. The front page of the Naples Daily News with the photo of the Boat Parade carried our Collier County message far beyond the boundaries of Collier County and far beyond the northern border of Florida. Reaching out to those in our community who have moved here from other states will also help us take back Congress.

I received an email the other day that reinforced our need to recognize our unsung heroes who volunteer to help at our CCREC fundraising events, at our Republican clubs, and during our elections. The email started with ‘you probably don’t know me.’ While I do know each of our CCREC members and many of the various Republican club members, I also worry about their efforts that may seem to go unnoticed.

One of my mantras in building strong teams is ‘There is no I in Team.’ I prefer round tables for team meetings. I refuse to take credit for the work that a team accomplishes and recognize our teams at every event that we hold. Collier County has made the difference in close Republican elections because of a unified team working selflessly toward a common goal. There is never a single person or voice responsible for a candidate winning an election. The Boat Parade on Saturday proved without a doubt that each of 750+ boat captains and crew were strong voices for President Trump. Never let anyone diminish what each of you do to elect our candidates here in Collier County. Each of you was a voice in 2016 for President Trump and in 2018 for Gov. Desantis and Sen. Scott. We need you to keep talking to everyone you meet to help elect our 2020 Republican candidates from the President Trump at the top of the ticket all the way down.

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