How to Donate to the Senate Races in Georgia

I am writing you to ask you to help spreading the word on the two critical U.S. Senate races in Georgia.  As you know, holding the Senate has been a major personal focus of mine during the 2020 election cycle in addition to winning the entire ticket top to bottom.  I wanted to ensure that President Trump had the Senate support in his 2nd term.  Now it is even more crucial that we have the Senate if Joe Biden ends up being the President!   It is so important that every dollar contributed goes directly to the candidates.

As you also know, I am part of Maggie’s List,  Maggie’s List is a federal PAC that has a strong 10 year track record of endorsing and funding conservative women running for U.S. House and Senate.  It is named after Margaret Chase Smith, the first woman to be elected to the U.S. House and Senate in her own right and to have her name placed in nomination for President.  Funds can be donated directly to each candidate via Maggie’s List.  The funds donated go 100% to the candidate, unlike many fundraising efforts where a % is taken out for expenses, etc.   In addition, the amount donated to all candidates is added to the total funds raised by Maggie’s List, which is used to compare to the Democrats funds raised by Emily’s List. We want to show the Democrats a great level of support in these races!

Maggie’s List has strong support from both male and female members of Congress, who donate and are Congressional partners.  These partners demonstrate their strong support for conservative women through these partnerships.  Maggie’s List advertises for both male and female Congressional partners and will be advertising for both Georgia Senate races.  Senators Rubio and Scott are both partners as is Senator Perdue.

 May I suggest that you donate the funds for Kelly Loeffler directly to Maggie’s List.  You can either donate online at:

By check written to Maggie’s List with ‘Kelly for Senate’ in the memo line and mailing the check to:

Maggie’s List

6675 Weeping Willow Way

Tallahassee, FL 32311

 For David Perdue, I would suggest writing the check to ‘David Perdue for U.S. Senate’ and mailing it to:

%Susan Voyles

6750 River Springs Court

Sandy Springs, GA 30328-2016

 Suzi is our Maggie’s List Georgia Chair.  She is actively involved and sees the finance chairs for both campaigns daily.  She has helped me get other donations to the Perdue and Loeffler campaigns during this election cycle and gives the personal attention that we want. 

 For all checks, please make sure to include the donor’s name and address as well as occupation. There is a maximum donation of $2700 per donor per candidate or $5400 for a couple.  Donations to Maggie’s List can be up to an additional $5000.

Finally, an additional option to help Sen. Perdue and Sen. Loeffler donate directly to Maggie’s List, which will use these funds for advertising for both Georgia races. Go Maggie’s List at: or mail a to Maggie’s List

6675 Weeping Willow Way

Tallahassee, FL 32311


From Jan Face Glassman

Collier County State Committeewoman

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  1. James Bare
    James Bare says:

    Money will do nothing . The same voting machines, the same vote counters, the same fraud machine is still in place and is now well practiced at what it does. You are completely delusional to believe this will be an honest election. This is the fault of the Republican groups throughout Georgia, the RNC, and your candidates as well. Republican candidates could get 90% of the votes and they will lose. Losing isn’t a possibility, it is assured. No one in Georgia has addressed and then fixed the problems.
    Pleassseee – don’t tell me nothing is wrong with the voting system in Georgia. Now the US Senate, the US House and very possibly the Presidency will be sold out due to inaction. The same will happen to Georgia as a whole over the next election cycle or two.
    Give my money for that ? Hardly.
    Oh BTW….. they are making lists, they are calling for consequences, up to and including re education camps for tens of millions of Americans, disbarment of attorneys that might challenge them in court, prison terms, and worse. Most definitely your names are on that list, and the Republican Party of Georgia only has itself to blame for what will follow. Don’t be so foolish to think they won’t do such a thing. Of course they will. You can see rule by decree going on right now.
    Do something now about the issues and restore honest reliable voting, it isn’t too late.


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