Big Things Happening in January – Chairman’s Message

Russell Tuff
Collier County Republican Chairman

It’s been quite a month for the Collier County Republican Executive Committee and bringing the Republican values to the forefront of the community.

We’ve had a fair amount of news coverage as well. See the stories (Click on Links Below to view):

Life In Naples – Interview with the Chairman

Three Kings Celebration in Coastal Breeze

Donna Fiala’s Column

We reached over 1 Million views with our Facebook Page from December 16 – January 12 when this column was written. In addition we engaged with nearly half a million people who actually took action on our page, as well as added 700 new likes.

We acquired 600 plus new contacts with registered Hispanic voters and engaged 250 for our Three Kings Celebration where enthusiasm for the theme of  “Hispanic Values = Republican Values” was enthusiastically received.

Of course, we are just beginning the launch of the hard efforts of volunteers in obtaining data to target the swing voters that can make the difference in securing the reelection of President Donald J Trump.

We win tops in the State of Florida in most elections for getting Republican voter tunrnout. That won’t be enough this year and we aim to target those with No Party Affiliation, and Soft Democrats.

This effort will take volunteer effort and funding. You can help below.

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