Join the Trump Watch Party – Create Your Own

Create a “Watch Trump Party” in your home, invite guests, and get inspired as President Donald J Trump holds a Rally in Orlando on Tuesday, June 18th. He is expected to kick off his re-election campaign.

As you gather with friends, Trump will review his accomplishments and wants you to help spread the word of the great successes of this administration and steps yet to take to continue to Make America Great.

How can you help spread the word? Donald Trump wants to spread a positive message, and capture voters by attraction, not trashing his opponents.

Below are some topics to share in letters to the editor, social media, and talks with others. Click Here to a link on our website to make it easy way to write a letter to the editor.

If you are hosting a Trump Watch – Trump wants to state how many people are watching and being trained in his speech. If you are willing to host a “Watch Party” – Tell us about it and how many people you expect so he can announce it on the stage on Tuesday. Send to

  • Economy & Jobs
    • The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act
    • 6 Million New Jobs
    • Record Low Unemployment
    • 350,000+ Manufacturing Jobs
  • Immigration
    • Building the Wall: $1.6 Billion on Funding
    • Office of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE)
    • Cracking Down on Sanctuary Cities
  • Foreign Policy
    • Enforcing Fair & Reciprocal Trade
    • Building Confidence and Respect for America
  • National Security & Defense
    • Expanding and Modernizing Our Military
    • Defeating ISIS and Terrorism
  • Regulation
    • Eliminated 22 Regulations for Every New Regulatory Action
    • Saved $8.1 Billion in Net Regulatory Cost Savings
  • Health Care
    • Eliminated the Obamacare Individual Mandate
    • Extended CHIP to Fund Health Care for 9 Million Children
    • Expanded Choices & Increasing Competition
  • Veterans
    • Passed Legislation that now Holds VA Caregivers Accountable
    • Fully Funded the V.A. Choice Program
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