Joint Request from Collier Democrat and Republican Chairs – Condemning Sign Vandalism

Dear Collier County Neighbors,

As the election gets closer, many of us become more passionate about the candidates we support. That’s true for us, and it’s true for our neighbors. The beauty of the First Amendment to our Constitution is that it protects everyone’s right to free speech – theirs and ours!

Today, we, the Chairs of the Collier County Democratic and Republican Parties are joining together in condemning the vandalism and theft of political signs. Not only is it unlawful, it is disrespectful and anti-democratic. If you choose to display a yard sign, do so with pride, and please allow your neighbors to do the same.

Let’s decide the election at the ballot box!

Thank you!

Annisa Karim, Chairwoman                     Russell Tuff, Chairman

Collier County Democratic Party             Collier County Republican Party

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