July Campaign Update

Naples 4th of July Parade Participants

Your campaign committee has been making heroic progress volunteering to devise a campaign strategy to keep Trump in office and keep Florida red..

Here’s a review of what we know:

In the 2018 mid-term elections, Collier County had a Republican voter turnout of 91% and captured 110,000 Republican votes, outperforming the Democrats by 54,000. Without our efforts neither Ron DeSantis nor Rick Scott would have won their election, as DeSantis won by 32,463 votes and Scott by only 10,033 votes.

As a result of felon voting rights, Andrew Gillum pledging to register 1 million new Democratic voters, and an influx of residents from Progressive states we need to boost Republican turnout to 94% and increase Republican votes to 130,000 in order to carry the other counties in the State. Currently, despite growth in the county, there are only 109,164 registered Republicans in Collier. We need to capture Hispanics, Independent voters and NPA’s; and we believe we can sway moderate Democrats.

Training sessions have been held on Social Media, and training programs continue. Sign Up Here

You’ve played a major role in helping elect our leaders, but we need to increase our efforts locally to ensure Trump wins Florida, as Florida has a high likelihood of determining the election outcome. With your contribution, we can keep Florida Red. We’ve pulled data by precinct and will be sending targeted messages to different demographic groups to ensure Conservative values continue during the next 4 years:

  1. Respect for the Constitution
  2. Respect for life
  3. Limited government
  4. Personal responsibility

We are testing various methods by precinct, gated communities, and determining the best method to reach different geographies and demographics. We will soon be able to reveal a comprehensive plan to accomplish the task. It will require a lot of volunteers, and we will need to raise funds to accomplish all that needs to be done. Sign Up for Volunteering Here

Our goal is to raise $200,000. Donations will fund the following projected expenses:

  • $3,000 – monthly office space rental
  • $5,000 – office and miscellaneous supplies
  • $20,000 – each primary mailing
  • $40,000 – each general election mailing
  • $50,000 – planned electronic targeting by demographics

The Democrats see an opportunity and without your help, they can seize the presidency. I hope you can help. Feel free to call me to discuss options. You will find a “Donate” on nearly every page of our website at https://colliergop.org.