Larry Ray, Collier County Tax Collector Addresses CCREC

Larry Ray, Collier County Tax Collector

Guest Presentation: Larry H. Ray, the Collier County Tax Collector, gave an informative and interesting presentation on the responsibilities of and services provided by the Collier County Tax Collector. The tax roll for Collier County for this year is over $1,100,000,000, which is slightly higher than last year.

Last year his office collected all the taxes that were due except for $10,000. He pointed out that he is one of five Constitutional Officers in Collier County, and soon every county in Florida will require its Tax Collector to be a Constitutional Officer.

The Tax Collector is also responsible for Department of Motor Vehicles, Driver Licenses, Concealed Carry Permits, Beach Parking Passes, among other things, and it carries out its business in twelve offices throughout the county.

Mr. Ray stressed that “service is our only product.”

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