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Jan Face Glassman
Collier County State Committtewoman

Collier County Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen are the visible boots-on-the-ground leadership of the Republican Party. Voters and other residents in our precincts frequently stop us to ask us questions about candidates, issues, bills before Congress, and about what is happening locally

We are also extremely fortunate to live in a Republican County where people stop us to tell us that the President is doing a great job. I love it when someone overhears someone else saying this to me – it reinforces our message!

As Republicans, we believe in local government and in personal responsibility and accountability. Our President and our Governor have recognized that there is no single solution that will work for all states or for all counties with the Corona Virus. Our County is working with the State just as the State is working with the Federal Government and making decisions that will work best for us. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just don’t get it!

Through this crisis, we can once again demonstrate that Collier Republicans make a real difference in Collier County no matter what type of ‘storm’ hits us.

After Irma hit, we had Deborah Cox Roush, Director of Senior Corps and former Florida State Grassroots Director for Donald J. Trump for President, as our honored guest at our fall Cocktails and Conversation, by Invitation Only. We had to move the venue due to flooding.

Most important, we were able to use the event as an opportunity to help Everglades City, which had been hard hit by the hurricane. We collected gift cards which we brought to the school principal in Everglades City.

Even when the school re-opened, the gym was too heavily damaged to use. The sports teams had to play all their games away. The principal used gift cards to purchase meals from local businesses for the teams to have on the bus on their way to/from their games. These gift cards helped local businesses stay open while at the same time helping families by feeding the students and reinforcing our Republican belief in small businesses being the heart of our communities.

Right now, the single most important step we can take is to step up as leaders in our communities. Leading by example is simple but effective and sends a clear message that Republicans are compassionate leaders who believe in our local community.

We know our communities and are closest to those who may need help.   We are judged by our actions. The Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” should guide each one of us as we go through each day.

Check on those whom we know are alone; we can create a round-robin, daily calling chain or email chain; we can offer to pick up supplies at the store for those who are unable or afraid to go themselves; or we can give our number to those who may just need to have someone with whom to talk. There are many ways that each of you already do this.

You can help the Trump campaign at home by joining President Trump’s army by filling out the form below;  Tyhe website is a one-stop online destination to get involved with President Trump’s re-election campaign, allowing people to become a volunteer or activist in communities throughout the country. Providing a unique experience for online visitors, the website includes options for: registering voters, becoming a Trump Team leader, making calls on Trump Talk, knocking on doors, hosting a MAGA meetup, and other opportunities to join President Trump’s army. I encourage you to try it out!

Finally, stay tuned for our CCREC office to reopen once we know the crisis has passed. In the meantime, please continue to stay in touch by reading our CCREC newsletters in your email or by visiting https://colliergop.org.  If I can personally be of any help, please contact me at jfaceg1@hotmail.com.

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