Reopen Collier – Letter sent to Collier Commissioners

Mr. Burt L. Saunders
Collier County Board of County Commissioners
3299 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 303
Naples, FL 34112

Dear Mr. Saunders:
RE: 1, 2, 3 Go!

We would like to express our thoughts and prayers to those that have become ill or passed away from COVID-19. We are grateful to our President and all other government leaders and heroes, from healthcare workers to truckers, to grocery store attendants and all those in between for their untiring leadership during these most difficult times.

We also recognize the loss of jobs, standard of living, psychological mental damage and increased personal and national debt as an impediment to our future that will only increase without a safe and early opening of our community.

We feel it is important at this time to voice our united opinion about re-opening our community. We support the Collier County Commissioners reopening Collier County using President Trump’s 3 Phase Plan to Reopen America’s Economy as soon as possible.

  • Go! The President has established guideline criterion to start the re-opening process. Due to the good work of the Collier County residents during the stay at home period, Collier County has kept the case count relatively low and is on track to meet the criteria to begin the President’s Reopen plan. On April 9 we peaked and had 25 new cases. On April 20 and 21 we had just 6 new cases each day. Generally we have had diminishing new cases daily since April 9 except for April 15, 16 and 17. Clearly, we have been on the downward slope from April 17 to the 22st. In fact, a review of the Florida Department of Health’s Data shows 9 of 25 zip codes in Collier County have had no cases whatsoever, to include the entire communities of Everglades City, Plantation Island and large portions of nearby Bonita Springs.
  • Phase 1, Collier County residents need to continue to make good decisions by: extending handwashing hygiene, maintaining social distancing, keeping group meetings small and continuing to minimize non-essential travel. We expect vulnerable individuals will isolate as appropriate.
  • Phase 2, armed with a track record, we can work together to maintain our new, low daily case count until the end of this month. Thereafter, we can reasonably expect to lessen the physical distancing requirement and to permit assembly of groups of 50 and non-essential travel. We can anticipate vulnerable individuals will isolate as appropriate.
  • Phase 3, based on Phase 2 success, larger groups will be allowed. Vulnerable individuals will re-engage in activities as appropriate.

Should someone become ill during the re-open process, their case will be identified and people that had been in contact with them will be appropriately quarantined. New cases will be normally counted, and re-opening guidelines provided.

Based on our experience with the long-term social cost of the 2008 financial crisis, we believe moving forward as expeditiously and as prudently as possible, is in everyone’s best interest. Much has and will continue to be lost for many of our citizens. Americans will do their best to stage a comeback and continue to do the right things. It is our moral obligation to help them succeed in this endeavor.

We also believe in the benefit of Collier County forming a working group to stake a claim for jobs currently in China that could be moved to Collier County using our combination of technical high schools and available land for manufacturing in the Estates. We have the opportunity to provide an ideal landing place for jobs returning from China to the USA!
On behalf of the Collier County Republican Executive Committee,

Russell Tuff,
Collier County Republican Executive Committee

4 replies
  1. Opal myatt
    Opal myatt says:

    I fully support a safe opening.
    We need to keep in mind the economic hardship effecting our community and the results this can lead to. Mentally, physically, and loss.
    We need to consider the driving engine of Collier and that is the work force. Those that are deemed non essential,are very essential to those who have a job.
    Business are very aware of safety, the ability to sanitize In order to secure the safety of patrons. If mask are needed to open I’m sure we would all embrace this order.

  2. Jan
    Jan says:

    This means 50 people will be notified and the people they have been in contact will be notified also. ??? Or 50 masked people or more 6 ft or more apart until there are 0 to 1 cases

  3. Egon Behle
    Egon Behle says:

    What is going on in this County? The arrogant little dictators of Collier County want to close the beach again? Havn’t they realized that “the flu” is over? We all get fed up by the faked numbers and the permanent threatening talk on the next wave to come. These people know nothing about viruses and impose health risk procedures on the people. Who is prepared to sue them ? It is enough……


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