Rubio Meets Collier Republican Leaders

Left to Right: Chad Gillenwater, Christina Davidow, Jim Carter, Ron Kezeske, Mary Waller, Erika Donalds, Diane Van Parys, Elaine Stevens, Nanetter Rivera, Mike Lyster, Senator Marco Rubio Russell Tuff, Jan Face-Glassman, Carol Manning, Cliff Donenfeld, Bill Poteet, Jane Brown, Glenn Brown

Senator Marco Rubio joined Collier Republicans to talk about the important issues facing Florida and the nations. His priorities included Water, Small Business, and China.

Water became more important than just an environmental issue for constituents, it became an economic issue as well. His goal is to put into place a sustainable funding source that can clean the waters of Florida and restore some water flows.

Small Business was stated as the backbone of the American economy, and while big business gets all of the news coverage, he wanted to make sure we make it easier for small business owners to start and/or grow their businesses. This is where the majority of jobs will be now and in the future.

China had dominance in the world for centuries, and lost that strength over the past few centuries and is waging an effort to retake that prominent place in the world. There needs to be trade that is fair and protection against China’s current efforts to steal technology and ideas from US companies.

A Question and Answer period followed and topics included health care, immigration, the wall, Iraninan waivers, and family leave.

After the meeting, the campaign committee met with J.R. Sanchez, Senior Policy Advisor and Director of Outreach of Rubio’s team. Discussions included press releases, the emergency declaration, the good Rubio and Trump relationship.

It was determined to have teleconferences with campaign folks to provide a more coordinated effort on outreach. More sessions were in the works.

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