Senator Rick Scott’s Week in Review October 11, 2019

This week, on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Michael, Senator Rick Scott released the following video and statement:


“One year ago, Hurricane Michael devastated Florida’s Panhandle and Tyndall Air Force Base, leaving a path of destruction our communities are still working to rebuild. I was there the day after the storm hit and for months afterwards. I saw heartbreaking destruction. But I also saw people coming together. Because that’s what we do in times of crisis – Floridians come together to rebuild. Floridians are resilient.
“Our Panhandle community, families and businesses have come a long way in their recovery, but there is still work to do. We secured billions of dollars to help our families and rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base, and I know that Tyndall will come back stronger than ever, which is great news for the community. I’ll keep fighting in Washington to make sure our families and military have every resource they need to finally move on from this devastating storm.” – Senator Rick Scott

See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.


Sen. Rick Scott to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: Put Human Rights Above Profits

Senator Rick Scott released the following statement requesting a meeting with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver after the league reiterated its support of Communist China and refused to stand for the people of Hong Kong.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I am requesting a meeting with Commissioner Silver immediately to discuss the NBA’s involvement in Communist China. I was the first U.S. Senator to travel to Hong Kong since the protests began. What I saw was devastating. Men and women are risking their lives to fight for the same freedom we take advantage of in this country. As Americans, it is our duty to stand together against injustice, and that means standing up to Communist China and President Xi as he violates the rights guaranteed under the 1997 handover of Hong Kong.

“We must all put human rights above profit. And that means standing with Hong Kong. The NBA’s refusal to denounce Communist China for what it is – our adversary – is shameful. The NBA should stop playing games in Communist China, and I look forward to meeting with Commissioner Silver to discuss the importance of supporting the brave individuals fighting to free themselves from the grip of Communist China.” Read more HERE.

Senator Rick Scott and Colleagues Send Letter to Microsoft President Detailing Huawei’s Threat to National Security

Senator Rick Scott joined Senators Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, Mike Braun, and Josh Hawley in a letter to Microsoft President Brad Smith in response to his comments that the U.S. government should provide more evidence of wrongdoing by Huawei so that business leaders can decide whether to continue doing business with the Chinese telecommunications company. Read more, including the full letter, from Senator Tom Cotton’s office HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Meets with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro


Senator Rick Scott met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and leaders on ways to strengthen the economic and trade partnership between the United States and Brazil. Senator Scott also discussed how Brazil and the United States can continue working together to promote freedom throughout Latin America and end Maduro’s ruthless regime in Venezuela. Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: ESPN and Disney Allowing China to Dictate Actions 

Senator Rick Scott tweeted the following statement after reports that ESPN explicitly discouraged any political discussion about China and Hong Kong.


Sen. Rick Scott: Peace Corps Ignored Demands to Get Out of Communist China

Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after Peace Corps Director Dr. Jody Olsen refused Senator Scott’s request to terminate all Peace Corps programs in Communist China by October 1, 2019, and use those resources to help the Bahamas.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I’m disappointed that the Peace Corps ignored my request to get out of Communist China. President Xi is a Communist dictator and human rights violator. Communist China is supporting Maduro’s genocide of young children in Venezuela, killing over a million of its own citizens a year with hazardous air pollution, and attacking religious freedom by detaining possibly more than one million Uyghurs, a Muslim ethnic minority group in China, in internment and re-education camps. There is no reason the Peace Corps should be using taxpayer dollars to prop up one of our greatest adversaries – a wealthy nation that can fund its own initiatives. Our friends in the Bahamas are still hurting, and it makes no sense that the Peace Corps would rather do the work of Communist China than help our neighbors in need.” Read more HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: U.S. Company Providing Tear Gas to Hong Kong Police Must Stop Supporting President Xi’s Human Rights Violations

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to the President of NonLethal Technologies, Inc. requesting a meeting after learning that the company has provided the Hong Kong police with tear gas that is now being used to suppress and violate the rights of the people of Hong Kong.

Last week, Senator Scott returned from Hong Kong, where he met with pro-democracy leaders, business leaders and religious leaders – all fighting for their freedom and human dignity, and standing strong against Beijing’s aggression. Senator Scott was the first U.S. Senator to visit Hong Kong since the protests started. Read more, including the full letter, HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott to Governors: Lower Your State’s Debt Before It’s Too Late

Senator Rick Scott sent letters to the Governors of Illinois, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Delaware, Connecticut and New Jersey outlining his concerns about rising debt in their states, and the actions he took as Governor to turn around Florida’s economy. In Washington, Senator Scott is fighting at the federal level to rein in the out of control spending that is putting our country’s future at risk. Read more, including the full letters, HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott Applauds Decision to Keep Coast Guard Contract in Florida’s Panhandle

Senator Rick Scott released the statement below after the announcement that the U.S. Coast Guard will grant an extension to Panama City-based Eastern Shipbuilding’s Offshore Patrol Cutter contract. Eastern Shipbuilding requested this extension following the devastating impacts of Hurricane Michael to its shipbuilding facilities and available labor last year.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Since Hurricane Michael hit last year, I’ve been fighting to make sure Florida families and businesses have everything they need to fully recover and get back to their normal lives. I applaud the Coast Guard’s decision to continue the Offshore Patrol Cutter project in Panama City as the community keeps working to rebuild from the storm. This is incredible news for the local economy and the many families who depend on these jobs, and ensures the Coast Guard has the resources it needs to protect our national security.” Read more HERE.


Sen. Rick Scott in the Miami Herald: The U.S. Stands Solidly Behind Hong Kong Protesters Seeking Freedom from Chinese Repression

Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for the Miami Herald following his trip to Hong Kong last week.

In the op-ed, Senator Rick Scott wrote, “… I just returned from Hong Kong, where I met with pro-democracy, business and religious leaders who are fighting for their freedom and human dignity. They are standing strong against Beijing’s aggression.…

I met with protesters — students, parents and grandparents — who are fighting to regain the freedom they were once promised. I heard their stories — horrible and frightening stories of police brutality, threats against individuals and their families and mysterious disappearances. I heard how injured protesters can’t go to the hospital for fear of retaliation. But in all the horrific tales, there are brave and heroic souls fighting for freedom.

All of this is happening because President Xi is a human-rights violator. He is yet another Communist leader trying to be the dominant world power. It’s Hong Kong now, then it will be Taiwan and soon America itself. China believes that in order for them to be stronger, America and other freedom-loving countries must be weaker.…

It’s important to be clear-eyed about this. We must be vigilant. We must be aggressive. America’s role of fighting for freedom and liberty worldwide depends on it. The future of our children and grandchildren depends on it. 

To the brave and resilient people of Hong Kong: The United States is with you. Your fight will not be in vain, and doesn’t go unnoticed.

I won’t stop fighting until America’s economic and political future — and the freedom of nations across the globe — is secure from the threat of Chinese influence.”

Read the full op-ed in the Miami Herald HERE.

Politico: Pols blast NBA for ‘kowtowing’ to China

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The Hill: Rick Scott demands meeting with NBA commissioner over China uproar

CNBC: Senators pile on the NBA for yielding to China over Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s pro-Hong Kong tweet

Fox Business: Rockets’ China controversy: Sen. Rick Scott calls on NBA to put human rights over profit

Breitbart: Fans, Pols Erupt After ‘Disgusting’ NBA Cave to China

South China Morning Post: US Senator Rick Scott demands meeting with NBA boss over Houston Rockets China furore following pro-Hong Kong protest tweet by GM Daryl Morey

Sunshine State News: Rick Scott Calls Out NBA for Ties to Communist China

International Business Times: Senators Slam NBA For Seemingly Siding China In Hong Kong Protests

Florida Politics: Rick Scott: ‘NBA’s refusal to denounce Communist China is shameful’

American Military News: Beto, Sens. Cruz, Scott, others slam NBA for bowing to and begging Communist China

The Epoch Times: NBA’s Damage Control Efforts After Pro-Hong Kong Tweet Fuels Firestorm in China and at Home

Sinclair Broadcast Group: Sen. Rick Scott wants more out of travel advisory to China

Florida Politics: Rick Scott heading to Brazil

The Hill: GOP senators warn Microsoft of ‘urgent’ threat from Huawei

Breitbart: GOP Senators Warn Microsoft Against Working with Huawei

Forbes: New Microsoft Warning—Huawei Threat Is ‘Real And Urgent’

Newsmax: Apple Ripped for Taking Down Hong Kong Police Map App

Florida Daily: Florida’s Senators Focus on Brazilian Issues, Ranging From Economy to Taking on Maduro Regime

El Nacional: Embajadora de Guaidó en Brasil se reunió con Rick Scott


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in Florida
September 15th – October 15th 

Florida is a melting pot with incredible and vibrant Hispanic communities. Senator Rick Scott is proud to join all Floridians to recognize the many Hispanic business owners, community members and Floridians that make a difference in our great state.

See how Senator Scott celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month below. 

Celebrando el Mes de la Herencia Hispana en la Florida
15 de septiembre – 15 de octubre

La Florida es un estado con un sinnúmero de comunidades hispanas increíbles y vibrantes. El senador Rick Scott se enorgullece en unirse a todos los floridanos para reconocer a los muchos propietarios de negocios hispanos, miembros de la comunidad y floridanos que marcan la diferencia en nuestro gran estado.

Vea cómo el senador Scott celebró el Mes de la Herencia Hispana a continuación.

Sen. Rick Scott Recognizes U.S. Veterans – The “Borinqueneers” 


Senator Rick Scott recognized veterans of the “Borinqueneers,” the 65th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army from Puerto Rico, to thank them for their outstanding service to our nation.

















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