Social Media “Don’t’s When Promoting on Social Media

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Here Are Some Don’t’s For Social Media

Try to do everything. Remember your goal. How can you use social media to achieve it? Post only when it make sense, and where the content works (on the right platform).

Forget that everything is public. No matter what your privacy settings are, everything on social media can be documented!

Engage with trolls. Don’t get into fights on social media. It never wins anything for anyone.

Go negative. It’s a bad idea. Always stay positive!

Treat social media as a soap box. Remember, social media is a group activity. It’s a tool for engagement, not a place for arguments and rants.

Fight with trolls. Did we already say that? Well, seriously don’t.

Obsess over timing. Timing is important… but not that important. Consistency is much more important than timing.

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  1. Jerrilyn Hoffmann
    Jerrilyn Hoffmann says:

    Perhaps you should include the word “Don’t” before each of the above pointers to be extra clear that these are the things NOT to do. Your list is spot on!!!

  2. Dee Schwartz
    Dee Schwartz says:

    Republicans need to EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE others about all the accomplishments President Trump has achieved for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and for all Americans. He has achieved so much more than any president in my lifetime of 70 years, and he’s done so in such a short period of time. At the same time the Left-leaning mainstream media has been spreading negative propaganda about President Trump instead of real honest news. They actually hide the accomplishments the president has made. So let’s get all the facts about President Trump’s achievements straight, and the Democrats’ collusion with the media and some of the far-left leaning CIA and FBI heads that perpetrated lies about candidate Trump. Facts mean a lot to people who care about the truth. Let’s get them in the newspapers and on the televised news networks.

    • Laura Ronchetti
      Laura Ronchetti says:

      I agree on everything you said. I think we are all tired of the Muller investigation and the fake dossier, let’s move on and talk about what he is doing for this country. The economy is booming, the unemployment is at its lowest rate especially among African American and Hispanic American. Let’s stay positive!

  3. Frank DeCarlo
    Frank DeCarlo says:

    Staying positive yes! Letting trolls get away with false statement NO! The problem republicans have is they take the high ground all the time and guess what? Theys lose. The fake news purveyors aka. including but not limited to the media needs to be held accountable for “everything” they say. We have the positive message going for us with what President Trump has accomplished. However, holding the radical left accountable for what they say is paramount to reaching the individuals that lack political sophistication.

  4. Brian
    Brian says:

    Leftists and Liberals live in an echo chamber of fixed false beliefs and ideologies. Their indoctrination begins in public schools, and is reinforced by media and Hollywood. The ONLY way to get through their thick skulls is to meet them where they are at. Playing Mr. Nice guy will not work. Condolesea Rice was disinvited to a speech at a college campus because of leftists staged a protest. Her take is “if they dont want me I will not go” and she didn’t. The lefty’s declared a “VICTORY” and will continue to do so. We need fighters and if their are GOPers who want to fight, let them.


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