Staying on Message – State Committeewoman Jan Face Glassman

Jan Face Glassman
Collier County State Committtewoman

Over the past several weeks, I have had numerous people who are strong supporters of our President either email me, or speak with me, about how scared they are for the President and our Country because of the impeachment proceedings.

My message to them is that we need to take a lesson by observing the President himself. On campaigns, successful candidates stay on message, especially when their opponent tries to pull them off into other issues. The President is staying fully on message and proceeding to accomplish more of his goals. He is not distracted, nor should we be. We need to ignore the ‘impeachment chatter’ and stay on message to win his re-election in November.

The unintended consequence for the Democrats appears to be the potential loss of their majority in the House. The best way we can help the President is to take back the Republican Majority in the House and keep it in the Senate. If we have both houses, he will able to complete his goals and make America even greater!

In Collier County, we are fortunate to have two Republican Congressmen. Our friends in other Florida Congressional Districts and in many other states are not so fortunate. If you have friends who live in a Congressional District currently held by a Democrat, talk to them about the importance of taking back Congress.

Just as we are doing here in Collier County, encourage them to activate their grassroots by talking to their friends, neighbors and co-workers about the importance of taking back these Democrat-held seats. Remind them how much of their money, as taxpayers, is being wasted on impeachment and how the important business of government has been ignored because of the Democrats.

If you have political insight from living in a location in another state before moving here, offer your help by sharing your thoughts and your expertise in conversations.

Most importantly, we must continually stress the 11th commandment which President Reagan used during his 1966 gubernatorial campaign. ‘Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican’.

We will have Congressional, State Representative, and County Commission primaries. It is important to remember that anything we say against another candidate during a Primary will be used by the Democrat in the General election. ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ could not have more meaning than during this election.

We are on the cusp of a major Republican sweep in November across the country, up and down the ticket, led by President Trump. We need to think before we speak and hold off overnight before we post on social media or send a written document that could damage our Republican candidates.

If we stay united and work together as a total American Republican team, the Democrats will suffer the greatest unintended consequence of the impeachment – Donald Trump will be elected to a 2nd term and have the U. S. House and Senate majorities to fully support him.

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