The Tiresome Race Card and“The Squad” Driving the Dems’ Bus

The newly self-anointed “Squad” of freshman Democrat congresswomen Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.) and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) are singlehandedly driving the Democrats’ bus these days. Only head United States House donkey Nancy Pelosi, among all her colleagues, seems to have noticed that their guidance has given their 2020 presidential campaign vehicle the appearance of a runaway beer truck with four flat tires.

If these four “women of color” continue to lead the Democrat Party around by the nose, then next year’s presidential election could very well turn into a landslide victory for President Donald J. Trump. And how did “The Squad” rise so meteorically to this vaunted position of leadership? One of the reasons was the race card, one of the most dishonest, but effective arrows in the Dems’ quiver which has made rich people pay loads of cash, companies bow to extortion, and Republican politicians run for cover for many years just to avoid the dreaded charge.

Now what was it that the president said in his tweet that was so racist? Let’s take a look. Here’s his tweet: “Why don’t they [the squad] go back and help fix the crime-infested places from which they came.” In response, in the week that followed the word “racist” to describe that tweet was used over 2,200 times on CNN and MSNBC. Now, in fact, the tweet was inaccurate—only one member of the squad was born in a foreign country. The rest were born here. But the charge of racism over this presidential comment is bogus and the Dems know it.

It’s simply a tactic of theirs that they attach to people on the right for practically anything we say, designed to do one thing—shut us up. That’s what their “race card” is all about and nothing more. The president cleaned up his inaccurate comment the next day when he said, “If somebody has a problem with our country, if someone doesn’t want to be in our country, they should leave,” but the left-wing media ignored that clarification and continued to go postal on the bogus racism charge. Many pundits have commented effectively in defense of the president, but none, in my judgement, more so than Steve Miller, White House policy advisor and chief speech writer and it is useful here to quote him at length. Here’s what he’s had to say on the matter on “Fox News Sunday” on July 21:

I fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color skin, that that makes it a racial criticism. You saw from Congresswoman Pressley that if you’re brown, you have to speak like a brown person. If you’re black, you have to speak like a black person. That’s the kind of ideology the president’s rejecting. If you want to have a colorblind society, it means you can criticize immigration policy [and] people’s views, ask questions about where they’re born and not have it seen as racial. You saw the quote from Rep. Omar saying, “Some people did something about 9/11” and yes, if you watch it in context, it’s even worse. You saw the quotes from Rep. Omar, talking about how, “We talk about al Qaeda in a menacing tone, but we don’t talk about the [U.S.] army in a menacing tone,” and yes, if you watch it in context, it’s even worse. And perhaps the most shocking of all were the comments made by Ocasio-Cortez saying that our border agents are running concentration camps and, therefore, they are Nazis and everyone who supports them are Nazi sympathizers. And one more point on that that I have to say. I’m a Jew and as an American Jew I’m profoundly outraged by these comments by Ocasio-Cortez. It is a historical smear and a sinful com

ment. It minimizes the death of six million of my brothers and sisters and it paints every patriotic law-enforcement officer as a war criminal and those are the comments we need to be focusing on. These four congresswomen detest America as it is currently constructed. They want to tear down the structure of our country, they want it to be a Socialist, open borders country. If you say you want to destroy America with open borders, you cannot say you love your country. If you attack border agents, as Ocasio-Cortez has, it means you have a deep-seated hatred of the nation as it exists. That’s why you want to erase its borders, fundamentally transform the country and in the process, it doesn’t matter if Americans lose their jobs, homes, livelihoods, healthy coverage and lose their very lives. There’s a huge fundamental distinction between Donald Trump saying on the world stage that he’s going to put America first in everything we do versus the view that says that America and its citizens should never come first and that’s what were gonna take to the ballot box.

Mr. Miller and his boss could not be more right. The Socialist “squad” and the donkey herd they’re leading are trying to start a revolution to fundamentally do away with the country we on the right so love and want to keep. They’re lying to the American people. We’re not racists and we’re not Nazis. We’re traditionalists. The truly aggravating thing in all of this is seeing Republicans like South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (the only black Republican in the Senate) side with the Dems as he did when he called the president’s tweet, “racially offensive language.” I say conservatives need to once and for all, stop falling for this phony racecard label they’ve been giving us to silence us, and stand with the president. —Tom Mullings

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