Updated Information – 2020 Republican National Convention Delegate Qualifying Information

Jan Face Glassman
Collier County State Committtewoman

Most importantly, I hope that you and your families are safe and staying well during this difficult period.

The President is doing a great job as Commander-in-Chief and unifying the country behind him. We will have even more to celebrate at the Convention in August when we formally nominate him for his second term.

Due to COVID 19 pandemic, the Caucus Meetings for both Congressional District 19 and Congressional District 25 have been changed.

The CD 19 Caucus meeting to elect Delegates and Alternate Delegates for the 2020 Republican National Convention will be held on May 29 at 6 pm at First Presbyterian Church in Bonita Springs.

The CD 25 Caucus meeting will be held on Saturday, May 30 at 11 am at:
First Baptist Church of Labelle
330 North Main Street
Labelle, FL 33935

There will be 3 Delegates and 3 Alternate Delegates from Congressional District 19 and Congressional District 25 each.

The convention will be held in Charlotte, NC from Monday, August 24, thru Thursday, August 27. As a reminder, Delegates and Alternates pay all their own travel, registration, and other expenses related to attend the Convention.


The information and forms can be accessed by clicking the forms below.

There will be opportunities for guests to attend as well. As soon as we have further information on guests, we will let you know.

As we receive additional information on the convention, we will share it with you. 2020 is a great year to be a Republican, to re-elect President Trump, and to retire Nancy Pelosi by taking back Congress!

Jan Face Glassman
CD19 Vice Chair
Collier County Republican State Committeewoman

RPOF Instruction Material

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