What Happens in Politics Next?

Russell Tuff
Collier County Republican Chairman

Last weekend, I literally laughed out loud watching an evening news segment during which a Democratic candidate for President offered his big idea of giving all adults $1,000 per month. It appears to be a competition to see how much taxpayer money these candidates can offer up to the masses. I mean really, who wouldn’t want an extra $1,000 per month? The problem is, how to pay for it.

While President Donald Trump’s New York street language often confronts my “Minnesota Nice” upbringing, I can’t ignore his success and his ability to offer real solutions to our nation’s economic and domestic woes.

We’re seeing upward mobility in the job markets, the lowest unemployment rates in history across the various demographic categories, and continued progress towards keeping our enemies at bay.

While I wasn’t raised to speak like Trump, the reality has set in for me that to make progress under our current legislative conditions, the mold has to be broken.

Our legislators of all parties have failed us. They have reached a stalemate. Smashing through the political stand-still can only be accomplished by someone who can stand up to political correctness at a time when the national media would rather encourage outrage rather than provide meaningful analysis. It’s soul searching time for the media and Congress.

Our legislators, like our media, have misplaced their charge of serving the public. They serve their own agendas and are not tending to their constituents’ best interests. Media pays reporters cash for clicks rather than aiming for excellence in reporting and long-term credibility. Congressmen position themselves for re-election by appealing to emotions rather than taking appropriate actions to improve the state of our country.

The major media and Congress have approval ratings that are lower than the President’s, yet they insist on continuing business as usual.

The President’s approval rating continues to improve despite his brash methods. He is moving America forward the only way it can be done under the current climate.

Those who don’t appreciate Trump will have to continue to contend with him until our elected officials in Congress begin to work for America’s improvement. Roaring crowds at Trump rallies are the envy of his opponents and the bane of his detractors. Could the Media and Congress be missing something?

Here is a list of successes of the Trump administration to write a letter to the editor about:

  • Economy & Jobs
    • The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act
    • 6 Million New Jobs
    • Record Low Unemployment
    • 350,000+ Manufacturing Jobs
  • Immigration
    • Building the Wall: $1.6 Billion on Funding
    • Office of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE)
    • Cracking Down on Sanctuary Cities
  • Foreign Policy
    • Enforcing Fair & Reciprocal Trade
    • Building Confidence and Respect for America
  • National Security & Defense
    • Expanding and Modernizing Our Military
    • Defeating ISIS and Terrorism
  • Regulation
    • Eliminated 22 Regulations for Every New Regulatory Action
    • Saved $8.1 Billion in Net Regulatory Cost Savings
  • Health Care
    • Eliminated the Obamacare Individual Mandate
    • Extended CHIP to Fund Health Care for 9 Million Children
    • Expanded Choices & Increasing Competition
  • Veterans
    • Passed Legislation that now Holds VA Caregivers Accountable
    • Fully Funded the V.A. Choice Program
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  1. Carol
    Carol says:

    Dear Mr. Tuff: I am seeing the problem with this country and with the Republicans in the House and the senate. I have had the good fortune to work in areas of the world that most people would be too afraid to go to (Soviet Union/middle east). I am now 79 years old and my husband Kurt and I moved to FL one year ago. He was born in Berlin in 1938 and has memories of the Russians entering Berlin. He also had to live behind the Iron Curtain until he and most of his family “left” approximately one year before the Berlin Wall went up. I tell you this because until all Republicans get 100% behind President Trump and are not afraid to speak out against the liberal progressives they are NOT ready and do not deserve to be called true conservatives. We were in WA state and I was working in the remote villages of AK until I began having health problems.I also was a volunteer with the Whatcom County Republican Party. I kept telling them that they had to go into the “belly of the beast” in order to win. I left because of the “politics” on the west coast. We moved to WA in 2005 and when we left I refused to go into Seattle anymore as it looked like a war zone. I went to UCLA and UC Medical Center in San Francisco graduating in 1963. Now I would not even let my “dog” attend any of the UC schools. I am so sick of the people in this country who have not listened to those of us who have given their own health and lives up for others both in this country and overseas. It is so sad that I have to write this comment as I have so much other stuff to do. I will read your comments again and see if I have been fair in what I have written here. I have never been “offended” by anything President Trump has done or said. He is the correct man at the right time to fight these liberals and I hate to think where we would be if that so called “woman” had won in 2016. I am praying that the Republicans will come to their senses before 2020 and he will prevail again. Thank you, Carol

  2. Priscilla Marie Gray
    Priscilla Marie Gray says:

    Minnesota has the current longest blue streak in presidential elections of any state. “Nice” isn’t working out for them.

    The word “nice” originated as a negative and it is derived from the Latin nescius, meaning “unaware, ignorant.” This “ignorant” meaning was carried over into English and for a while, “nice” was used to characterize a “stupid, ignorant, or foolish” person.

    Then “nice” began to mean “conduct, a person, or clothing that was considered excessively luxurious or lascivious.” With the advent of the beginning of the movement where people glorified themselves, instead of god, “Humanism”, a neutral sense of nice was emerging. At this time, nice began to refer to “a person who was finely dressed, someone who was scrupulous, or something that was precise or fussy.”

    and by the time Elizabeth Ist reigned nice was “refined, culture” and let’s remember England was rife with religious persecution in the days of the new nice.

    The high value placed on delicate, and reserved behavior was instrumental in the semantic amelioration of the term nice in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

    Jane Austen, for instance, mocked this now-positive term in Northanger Abbey (1817) when Henry Tilney teases the naive Catherine Morland for her overuse of nice. He jokes: “… and this is a very nice day, and we are taking a very nice walk, and you are two very nice young ladies. Oh, it is a very nice word, indeed!—it does for everything.”

    But Mr tuff, it does not “do” for the greatest president we have had since George Washington. Thank God this man is not nice; instead, he is the embodiment of “sacrifice”; he has given up safety and fortune and privacy to save millions of lives of babies who would not otherwise be able to enjoy the discussion we enjoy. Nice is no longer relevant. We are at war with the old serpent and red-blooded Americans know it.
    I expect to see commitment at our Victory Headquarters that reflects the passion and respect that we have for our president and his courageous words and actions in defense of all that is good about America. A non-politician, he chose to leave fortune-making to lead us. I myself have made such choices and sacrifices and I identify with this leader. I’m sure many #MAGA Americans do.
    I hope that we can entice, inspire, welcome, nurture, and encourage volunteers at our Victory headquarters. i hope that our donors can help us get behind better MAGA Republican Party candidates in our primary elections around the state. We should be obliged as we are a wealthier county and what happens in Orlando affects all of us. And we MUST get rid of this diabolical agenda at our Collier school system, including the ridiculously gluttonous sums spent on administrators who DO NOT represent MAGA values! Teachers need raises. Children need phonics, traditional civics, basic arithmetic, not lessons on aberrant sexual behavior.
    Please pray that now in 2020 we may be spared the veiled put downs of our magnificent president by his own Party. I LOVE his language. He is a brave man. He is a man, not some feminized version of tail-between-their-legs men, which is what the nutcase feminists have managed to drive even into our “conservative” culture.
    I hope that we can open the meeting with a prayer for this man.


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