Why I Support President Trump (and am voting for him again!)

Jan Face Glassman
Collier County State Committtewoman

We all have our short ‘who we are’ introduction ready when asked ‘what do you do’ or ‘where are you from’? We may focus on our career, education, hobbies, or favorite sports team.

Each of us have been asked why we support President Trump. The rudest may ask with negative emphasis ‘How can you support him?’ The simplest answer is ‘How can you not support President Trump after all that he has accomplished?!’ However, most people are not rude, are interested, and will listen to you, especially if they know you and if you respond politely and professionally.

Each of us has our own personal reasons for supporting President Trump. We all know and are proud of his long list of accomplishments. They are truly amazing and cross a broad spectrum of issues and solutions to solve those issues. For each of us, the ‘Top 10’ will vary based on our personal priorities. The landscape changes daily along with the immediate issues. With them, our personal attention and priorities change. One month national security may be our #1 personal priority. Another month, it may be infrastructure, and so on.

It is not as important to rank the President’s accomplishments as it is to understand what they are and why they are important. They all have Made American Greater! It is important to know which accomplishments mean the most to you and to be ready to speak passionately about them when someone asks ‘why do you support President Trump’. Be positive and talk about why you feel the accomplishment is so important and have your #2 priority ready. Your passion is contagious. Being concise will give the other person a talking point to carry with them and share.

My top priority has always been national security. I moved into NYC on September 12, 2001 and have been active with the Center for Security policy for many years because of what I saw first hand. President Trump has kept America safe and has implemented strategies to keep us safe in the future. We are a military family. Our son-in-law serves in the Army as a Lt. Col. Our military was neglected under the Obama administration. From day one, President Trump started to improve our military and has consistently shown his support for the military command and for our troops. He is giving them what they need to protect America!

My second priority is growing women’s involvement in running our country. I serve on a Federal PAC, Maggie’s List, that endorses and supports conservative women running for the U.S. House and Senate. When I was invited to a small breakfast with Ivanka days before the 2016 election, it was obvious that the her father fully supported her ideas and that, as President, has continued that support of her work on behalf of women including programs for young working mothers. The President’s choice of Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager and then as his Counselor demonstrates his belief in having the best person fill a role, as did his choice of fmr. Gov. Nikki Haley for U.N. Ambassador. We all see his continued reliance on ‘Florida’s own’ Pam Bondi for her expertise, most recently in her role on his defense team. His administration is filled with women all chosen for their skills, every choice well made.

These are only two of hundreds of major accomplishments from this great President. They are MY two top reasons for supporting our President. I know YOU have two great ones as well and look forward to hearing yours when we meet.

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