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Left to Right: Wendy Pepe, Maggie’s List Board Member, Karen Pittman, Maggie’s List Member, Sandra Murman, Hillsborough County Commissioner Jan Face Glassman, Collier County, Republican State Committeewoman Leslie Saunders, Maggie’s List Board Member

On Thursday, August 22nd, women from all over Florida travelled to the Tampa Convention Center for ‘An Evening to Empower’.

In spite of the late notice, there was a standing-room only audience filled with women and some men. The room was electric with energy before and during the event. In the parking garage afterwards, no one could contain their excitement over the presentation and the word that Vice President Mike Pence is on the ticket!

Kathy King, Florida’s National Committeewoman, introduced the evening which was an extremely interesting conversation with former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Kellyanne Conway on the women and the 2020 election.

The evening was one of thirteen held by Women for Trump Advisory Board members in venues across the country to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the suffragettes and women’s right to vote.

Women for Trump had earlier announced its national leadership Advisory Board made up of 36 Women. One of them, a Naval reserve officer and former Congressional candidate, shared with me that she had a phone message one day on her phone from Lara Trump. The woman ignored the call as scam. Then she received another message from Lara Trump, so she called the number still assuming it was a scam. To her surprise, it really was Lara Trump asking her to serve on the Women for Trump Advisory Board!

There is only one official Women for Trump organization. Any other organizations with similar names are not part of the campaign.

Only women authorized by Women for Trump speak officially on behalf of the campaign. Women for Trump merchandise should only be purchased through the Women for Trump website at https://women.donaldjtrump.com/.

It is the only official merchandise for women that supports the Trump 2020 campaign.

Submitted by

Jan Face Glassman

State Committeewoman

Collier County Republican Executive Committee

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