Page 3 - 2020 Collier County Republican Victory Guid
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         Dear Republican Supporter:

         The 2020 election is going to be extremely important for all
         Republicans and for all Americans!  At stake are the key freedoms for
         which our forefathers fought and died to protect: freedom of religion,
         freedom of speech, the free-enterprise economic system, and due
         process as provided by the Constitution.

         It is critical that we deliver Republican elected officials at all levels of
         government. We must:

           Re-elect President Donald J. Trump,
           Elect Members of the U. S. Congress to support his efforts,
           Send Republican State Representatives and Senators to
             Tallahassee, and
           Maintain Republican control at the local level in Collier County
             from the County Commissioners, School Board Members,
             Supervisor of Elections to the Mosquito Control Board.
         President Trump must win Florida, his home state, to win the election.
         To ensure victory, we must improve our victory margin by:

           Delivering past performance among Republicans, and
           Expanding our voting base by appealing to independent voters
             through new voter outreach programs.

         We cannot accomplish our goals without your financial support.
         Thank you in advance for your continued support of Victory in 2020!


         Russell Tuff, Collier County Chairman
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