Page 7 - 2020 Collier County Republican Victory Guid
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           The Collier County Republican Executive Committee (CCREC) is the official
            Republican organization of Collier County.

           The CCREC reports to the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF), which reports
            to The Republican National Committee (RNC).
           Membership in the CCREC consists of Precinct Committeemen and
            Committeewomen, representing every precinct in Collier County.  They are
            elected every 4 years by Republican voters in Collier County.

           CCREC meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month at 7PM at the
            Collier County Government Center.  All Republicans are welcome to attend.
            However, only Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen may vote on
            official business.

           CCREC meeting agendas are structured to address the official business of the
            local Republican Party including all financial and fundraising efforts in
            support of Republican candidates every two years in the General Elections
            and in Special Elections.

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